Sunday, June 23, 2013

(Fri. June 28th) Cyrus Webb appears on "The Amy Beth Arkawy" Show

(Friday, June 28, 2013) Media personality Cyrus Webb will be a guest on "The Amy Arkawy Show" @ 1p.m. et (12p.m. ct/10a.m. pt) discussing his brand and what's to come.

Catch it live or via the podcast here: New Media Maven Cyrus Webb 06/28 by Amy Beth Arkawy | Blog Talk Radio

(Wed. July 10th) Cyrus Webb will be a guest on "The Earl Hall Show"

Join Media Personality Cyrus Webb on Wed. July 10th @ 11a.m. et (10a.m. ct/8a.m. pt) when he will be a guest on "The Earl Hall Show"
Listen to the show live or via podcast at the link below:
The Amazing Cyrus Webb 07/10 by Earl Hall | Blog Talk Radio

(Thurs. July 11th) Media Personality Cyrus Webb to be interviewed by radio host Charlotte Howard

On Thursday, July 11th @ 11a.m. et (10a.m. ct/8a.m. pt) media personality Cyrus Webb will be interviewed by Charlotte Howard of the Hair Artist Assoc. about his brand and what is to come.

You can listen to the show live or via the archive at the link below:

Exclusive Interview: Media Personality Cyrus Webb 07/11 by Charlotte Howard | Blog Talk Radio

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Yazoo City Artists Psycho and Treil Sampson Prepare to Make Their Mark on the Music World

Two young men. Both from Mississippi. Both with dreams of something more---and they have the talent to get it.

Recording artists Psycho and Treil Sampson are from Yazoo City, Mississippi, however they have skills that they believe the world will appreciate.

On Sunday, June 30th @ 6p.m. central (7p.m. eastern) they will be guests on Conversations LIVE radio show with host Cyrus Webb discussing their love of music and introducing their new singles.

Psycho, 25, has garnered attention for his mixtape ILLUMINATION and is excited to show others what he has to offer. "There more out there than what you sometimes hear on the radio," he says. I'm all about being myself and creating the kind of music that I love. He will be promoting his single ALMOST FAMOUS during the radio show. He can be found at

For Treil Samspon, 19, his single IN THE CLOUDS is his first release and one he's proud of. "I've been loving music since I was young," he says. His inspiration comes from life. He can be found at 

The Conversations LIVE interview can be heard online here:

Both artists will be releasing their singles to the public for free download online on Tuesday, July 2, 2013. For more information about the artists and their upcoming events contact Shana Jackson at or 1.662.763.7042.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Joseph Henderson: Determined Not to Die All Alone

by Cyrus Webb

We all know individuals who have seemed to give up on life. They are existing, but not really living. For the there best days are behind them, and there is nothing else to look forward to.

As sad as that might be, the good news is that it doesn't have to be the last chapter for them. Just look at Mississippi's resident Joseph Henderson.
Since originally releasing his memoir I DON'T WANT TO DIE ALL ALONE in 2000 he was ready to share with the world not only what you could overcome but what you
can achieve as well.

Raised in a home where he sometimes had to fiend for himself and his siblings, Joseph was
able to rise above the negativity that could have destroyed him, and has come out a
better man. Whether it was having to snuggle in bed at night with his siblings in order
to stay warm or search for food in garbage cans, he realizes firsthand that life doesn't
always deal you the hand you want, but it doesn't define the person you can be.

After surviving being shot himself and losing his brother to senseless violence, Joseph
decided that he wanted to use his life lessons to help others. The journey began with the
book but has continued as he has campaigned on behalf of reading, education and bringing
your very best to every situation.

In 2008 he teamed up with Conversations Book Club and began partnering with other authors and sharing his story through book signings and publlic appearances. Joseph has also taken his story into the schools of Mississippi, sharing what is the reality for some of those students but giving them hope for a better future if they really want it. Through his mentoring efforts, he has been able to see students that
others have given up on take their lives more seriously and actually graduate.

As the word about his personal story reaches more people, Joseph is committed to sharing
that he is no one special. The success he has been able to find is available for others
as well, if they really want it. They just have to be willing to do the work.

Additional information about Joseph Henderson can be found at

Listen to Joseph Henderson share his story on Conversations LIVE here: and here:

(Tues. June 18, 2013) Cyrus Webb to be a guest on "This Is How We Roll" with host Jaimie Hope

(Tuesday, June 18, 2013) Conversations LIVE host Cyrus Webb will have the tables turned on him Tues. June 18, 2013 @ 12p.m. et (11a.m. ct/9a.m. pt) when he appears as a guest on "This Is How We Roll" hosted by Jaimie Hope.
You can listen to the show live or via the podcast afterwards at the link below:
Shining the Spotlight on Cyrus Webb 06/18 by This Is How We Roll | Blog Talk Radio

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Wonder Mike of Sugar Hill Gang on Conversations LIVE

On Saturday, June 8th Conversations LIVE host Cyrus Webb began the first of a 3-part series featuring the legendary group The Sugar Hill Gang.

It was kicked off with Wonder Mike of the group. The two discussed his love of music, the group's success and influence as well as the powerful documentary I WANT MY NAME back.

Wonder Mike of Sugar Hill Gang on Conversations LIVE 06/08 by Cyrus Webb Presents | Blog Talk Radio

Friday, June 7, 2013

Janky John: Building a Brand and a Community, One Order at a Time

by Cyrus Webb

Clarksdale, MS native John Smith, Jr known to many as  Janky John is not just operating a business in Jackson, MS. The Wing Station (5038 Parkway Drive * Jackson, MS 39211) is the realization of not just a dream for himself but an example of what is possible. Offering over 20 signature flavors, it has become a place that offers great food, reliable service and a love for the community.

The 34 year old started The Wing Station in 2008 while living in Miami, and when he came back to Mississippi in 2011 he knew it was a business he wanted to continue. The result has been amazing, bringing in not just a diverse clientele but opportunities for the community as well. John also serves as  VP of the Gamma Pi Alumni Assoc. Of Kappa Alpha Psi and has been a sponsor of a youth basketball and football teams in the metro area donating jerseys and meal sponsorships. John has also began the process of empowering other young males with the knowledge of  entrepreneurship an opportunity to franchise The Wing Station and make them apart of the American Dream.

John told me that he sees the success of The Wing Station as a result of his hard work and dedication to the business paying off. "It makes me feel good to see the same customers coming in," he says. "They enjoy their experience with us and tell others about us as well." To show its appreciation  for its customers, The Wing Station runs a lunch special weekdays from 11-2p.m. that includes 6 wings and fries for only $5.00 (add a drink for $1 more). This way it is able to provide something for every one's budget.

Outside of running a business full-time Janky John is hoping to add another title to his name later this year, that of author. He is currently writing a book called A.S.U based on his experiences at Alcorn State University. "In 2000 I had been out of college about a year and began to reflect on my college years," he says. "I realized that what I had learned there was also helping me in building my business savvy aka my hustle. College taught me how to adapt to different perspectives and individuals as well as develop my customer service skills." It is his hope to release the book at the beginning of football season.

Janky John's advice for anyone with a dream? "Make a commitment to invest in yourself. Do what you love, follow your passion and you can't help but succeed."

Stay in touch with The Wing Station at as well as through social media on Facebook at and on Twitter at You can also call 1-888-769-WING (9464).

Cyrus Webb Presents... "25 Books Every Man Should Read"

Conversations Book Club is excited to announce its first-ever reading list designed specifically for me.

When book club founder Cyrus Webb began the reading group in November 2006 it was out of necessity. "There weren't any reading groups that were around that had men attend meetings on a regular basis," he says. "I knew from my own personal experience that men read. There just had to be platforms available that welcomed them."

Since then the co-ed reading group Conversations Book Club has hosted events where men and women can come together to read, discuss and enjoy books. With so many problems facing the world, however, Webb decided it was time to do something just for the guys: compiling a list of non-fiction titles that he had read and learned from, knowing that others could as well.

"It is my hope that men and even the women in their lives can read these books and allow the messages to help them as they are going through their own challenges," explains Webb.

Here is Cyrus Webb's 25 Books Every Man Should Read list for 2013:

  1. "The Available Parent" by Dr. John Duffy (Viva Editions)
  2. "This Is How" by Augusten Burroughs (St. Martins Press)
  3. "A Dark Journey to a  Light Future" by Tommie Mabry (West Bow Press)
  4. "DOC" by Dwight Gooden (Amazon Publishing)
  5. "Rocky Spirit" by Felice Cantatore (iUniverse)
  6. "Everyday Meditation" by Tobin Blake (New World Library)
  7. "24/6" by Matthew Sleeth, MD (Tyndale)
  8. "Break Your Addiction to Conflict" by Nathan J. Snow (Snowday Press)
  9. "Get Your Shift Together" by Steve Rizzo (McGraw Hill)
  10. "Letters to Ethan" by Tom McQueen (Seraphina Press)
  11. "Find the Upside of the Down Times" by Dr. Rob Pennington (Resource International)
  12. "Letters to My Unborn Children" by Shawn T. Collins (Quill House Press)
  13. "The Dad Connection" by Scott Hanley (publisher unknown)
  14. "Identity" by Stedman Graham (FT Press)
  15. "Know Yourself, Forget Yourself" by Marc Lesser (New World Library)
  16. "Side-Yard Superhero" by Rick D. Niece (Five Star Publications)
  17. "Get Off Your Attitude" by Ryan C. Lowe (Sound Wisdom)
  18. "Live to Give" by Austin Gutwein (Thomas Nelson)
  19. "Hillbilly Heart" by Billy Ray Cyrus (Amazon Publishing)
  20. "Things My Daughters Need to Know" by Rodney L. Demery (Rootsky Books)
  21. "7 Secrets of a Phenomenal L.I.F.E." by Howard Partridge (Sound Wisdom)
  22. "G-Man: The Education of a Criminal" by Gregory Marshall (Marshall Publishing Group)
  23. "By Faith, Not By Sight" by Scott MacIntyre (Thomas Nelson)
  24. "Game Plan" by Alan P. Lyme, David J. Powell and Stephen R. Andrew (Central Recovery Press)
  25. "It's Your Life: Live Big" by Josh Hinds (Sound Wisdom)
For more information on books suggested by Conversations Book Club visit

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Conversations LIVE Celebrates A 3-Day Special Event Featuring Wonder Mike and Master Gee

As it prepares to celebrate its 5th year on Blogtalkradio and 10th year on the radio, Conversations LIVE prepares to bring listeners Hip Hop royalty with the Sugar Hill Gang.

Beginning Saturday, June 8th host Cyrus Webb will welcome original members Wonder Mike and Master Gee to the show as well as Roger Pardiso the director of the new documentary called I WANT MY NAME BACK.

Below is the schedule:

Saturday, June 8th @ 6:30p.m. et (5:30p.m. ct/3:30p.m. pt) --- Wonder Mike of the Sugar Hill Gang,
Sunday, June 9th @ 5p.m. et (4p.m. ct/2p.m. pt) --- I Want My Name Back director Roger Paradiso,
Monday, June 10th @ 1:30p.m. et (12:30p.m. ct/10:30a.m. pt) --- Master Gee of the Sugar Hill Gang, 

“I Want My Name Back” highlights the rise, fall, and rise again of original members of
The Sugarhill Gang, Michael Wright (aka Wonder Mike) and Guy O'Brien (aka Master Gee). One of the most influential songs in the history of the music industry and #2 in Rolling Stone’s Top Hip Hop Songs of all time, "Rapper's Delight" was the first commercial Hip Hop release, forever changing the face of the music industry. “Rapper's Delight” is still, to this day, the number one selling single in hip hop history.

The group followed up their first hit with another song still played today called “Apache”.  Their first three albums went platinum.  While this success should have cemented the legacy and careers of the original members, reality tells a much different story--one that most people, including those in the hip hop world, are not even aware of.  A story of unprecedented identity theft, copyright and trademark violations, Master Gee and Wonder Mike fight a more than 30 year battle against their label to get their names and legacy back.  The film also features Grandmaster Caz (The Cold Crush Brothers), Melle Mel (Grandmaster Flash), and Vinnie and Treach (Naughty by Nature).  “I Want My Name Back” is the journey of two men who want what was taken from them: their names, their legacy and their music!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Cyrus Webb Presents Another 1st: 25 Books Every Man Should Read

It is a first for Conversations Media Group and Conversations Book Club: a listing of books designed just for male readers. On Friday June 7, 2013 Conversations Book Club President Cyrus Webb will unveil "25 Books Every Man Should Read".

"I thought it was time for us to put together a list for men to read that I felt like addressed their needs and met them where they are," says Webb, 37. Conversations Book Club initially began in November 2006 due to Webb not being able to find reading groups that included men in their monthly meetings. Since then Conversations has hosted events throughout the South and hosted over 100 author events.

Those making up the list of  "25 Books Every Man Should Read" are non-fiction titles from men that come from all walks of life. Keeping with its mission of diversity among its audience, the listing includes those of all walks of life, covering the spectrum of issues Webb believes matter.

"It's my goal that men who read these books will be able to see parts of themselves and come to realize how no situation they face is impossible to overcome."

Webb will release the full list Friday morning on, and through social media.

For more information about upcoming events visit