Thursday, January 24, 2013

Kid Energy USA Visits Mississippi with Burnie & Earl (Day 3)

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After an exciting and informative week of activities in Mississippi the first leg of the Kid Energy USA tour came to an end on Wednesday, January 24, 2013.

 The team, led by tour coordinator and Mississippi native Cyrus Webb began the day at John McCoy Elementary in Yazoo City. Over 300 students were able to hear the important message about 811, be introduced to Burnie and Earl and given tools to help them share the information with others.

From there the group went to Dawson Elementary in Jackson, MS and met with over 150 additional students, receiving an enthusiastic response.

"It's an amazing thing to watch," says Webb. "They are not only embracing Burnie and Earl but the message they are sharing as well."

The final stop on this leg of the tour was Cheerful Assistance and Care, Inc. in Ridgeland, MS. At the invitation of Michael Bouldin, Webb was able to share Burnie and Earl with the after school program, and in the process got a great testimonial as well.

"I wish we had programs like this when I was growing up," says Bouldin. He shared with Webb that he had lost a few friends to electrical lines that were beneath the ground. "I think this project is more than just about information. It can save lives."

That is the mission of Kid Energy USA and its campaign: to educate in an entertaining way that makes an impact. Look for the next stops on the tour to be announced soon at For more information about bringing the campaign to your area contact Cyrus Webb at or 601.896.5616.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Kid Energy USA Visits Mississippi with Burnie & Earl (Day 2)

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(Wednesday, January 23, 2013) For the second day of the Kid Energy USA tour in Mississippi featuring Burnie and Earl the group spent the day in Yazoo City, hosted by Mr. Joseph Thomas, Stanley Clark of Real Deal Entertainment and the Hulk Team.

The first stop was Webster Elementary School where over 300 students gathered to hear tour coordinator Cyrus Webb talk about the importance of 811 awareness.

"This was a great experience for the citizens of Yazoo City," says Thomas. "I'm glad that we could host something like this for the kids that will stick with them."

Clark agrees. "There is nothing like kids coming together to be entertained and educated at the same time. I'm glad the Hulk Team and I could bring Burnie and Earl to the area."

After Webster Burnie and Earl were introduced to students at McCoy Elementary, receiving almost a rock star welcome. "You would have thought a pop star had entered the building," says Webb. After showing the video featuring the two characters they entered the cafeteria, sending the kids into instant applause.

"This is exactly what we were hoping would happen," says Webb. "Burnie and Earl are the perfect characters to bring the 811 message home for the kids."

The final stop of the day was Yazoo Citys Boys and Girls Club. Though some of the kids there had seen Burnie and Earl they were still interested in the story and the 811 message.  "You could hear some of them reciting the dialogue of the video along with it," says Webb. "I think that shows how much it is sticking with them."

Burnie and Earl will return to Yazoo City on Thursday as well as finish off the tour in Ridgeland, MS.

For more information visit You can contact Cyrus Webb at or 601.896.5616.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Kid Energy USA Visits Mississippi with Burnie & Earl (Day 1)

The message of the 811 campaign has two exciting characters taking the lead in teaching safety and the importance of calling before you dig. Burnie and Earl, the creation of Louisiana-based Kid Energy USA, is sharing with schools the importance of knowing what is under your feet, and Mississippi is the first stop of what will be a nationwide tour for the two characters.

"We are excited to have been chosen by Kid Energy USA to spearhead this new project," says Cyrus Webb, publicist for the project and a Mississippi native. "I have seen firsthand how the message is being received, and this gives me optimism about how the rest of the country will respond."

The tour kicked off on Tuesday, January 22, 2013 at John Hopkins Elementary School in Jackson, MS at the invitation of educator Damon Hoskins. His class was the host room for the k-3rd graders to watch the educational film about 811 featuring Burnie and Earl as well as the characters themselves. 

"I was glad to be able to have Cyrus and Kid Energy visit our school," says Hoskins. "Anything that inspires the kids and teaches them valuable information is always welcome."

One by one Webb introduced Burnie and Earl and the importance of 811 education to various groups at John Hopkins. "It was thrilling to watch not only how the kids got the information but how they were excited to learn," he says.

After spending three hours with the elementary school the Kid Energy USA team headed to Rankin County and Visions Academy in Brandon, MS where two dozen students gathered to learn about 811 safety. 

In each location the students were given activity books to color and have fun with. The book also included the story of Burnie and Earl and how they learned about 811 safety.

On Wednesday, January 23, 2013 the group will be headed to Yazoo City. 

For more information visit To get additional information about the tour contact Cyrus Webb at or 601.896.5616. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Cyrus Webb Introduces Mississippi Reads

Conversations Book Club President Cyrus Webb is excited to announce the launch of "Mississippi Reads" ( "This is our way of not only celebrating Mississippi authors but events where those in Mississippi can discuss books," says Webb, 37.

Since 2006 Conversations Book Club has hosted over 100 authors events in MS, LA, TN, GA and TX---most of which have included Mississippi authors. "It's been important for me to include my home state that gave me my start," Webb says, "and I see this new site as a larger way to do that."

Through "Mississippi Reads" Webb will be spotlight the Magnolia State's literary talent and allow the site to be the place that discusses reads for each year.

The monthly Saturday meetings for "Mississippi Reads" will take place at Appetizers Restaurant (3000 Hwy 80 E) in Pearl, MS. The schedule for the year is as follows:

2013 MISSISSIPPI READS BOOK CLUB SELECTIONS (includes date of book discussion) 
(01/2013) "Last Chance Texaco" by Joe Lee (01/12/2013)
(02/2013) "A Dark Journey to a Light Future" by Tommie Mabry (02/09/2013)
(03/2013) "Married to Sin" by Darlene Collier with Meredith McGee (03/16/2013)
(04/2013) "An Unspeakable Secret" by Glenda Hunter (04/13/2013)
(05/2013) "A Crushed Rose" by Roszalia Ellen (05/11/2013)
(06/2013) "Sketchy" by Jason Lee Usry (06/15/2013)
(07/2013) "Way Beyond Pisgah" by Alean McIntyre Adams (07/13/2013)
(08/2013) "He Got That Package" by Anthony M. Ellis (08/17/2013)
(09/2013) "Rise Above: Conquering Adversities by Greg Little (09/14/2013)
(10/2013) "Hannibal" by Thomas Harris (10/12/2013)
(11/2013) "A Time To Kill" by John Grisham (11/09/2013)
(12/2013) "Borderline" by Nevada Barr (12/14/2013)

Meetings will take place at 1p.m. and will last about an hour. Each month is an opportunity to come together and discuss the book and the author and get the thoughts of those who attend each meeting. Admission is free, and in some instances the author will be in attendance.

For more information about "Mississippi Reads" contact Cyrus Webb at or 601.896.5616. You can also stay abreast of all events at

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Cyrus Webb Chosen As Publicist For Kid Energy Tour

Mississippi and Tennessee are poised to take the lead in a brand new campaign geared towards educating the public about safety, 811 and positive aspects of the petroleum industry. Introducing Burnie and Earl: the creation of Mike Fesi, owner of Louisiana-based Pipeline Construction & Maintenance, Inc and Kid Energy USA.

"About a year ago I noticed an abundance of negativity being directed toward our industry," says Fesi. "I realized that we needed to teach kids, and adults alike how important the petroleum industry is to our everyday lives." Burnie and Earl were born for that purpose.

Through Kid Energy USA Fesi and his team (Myke Fay-Z, Mike Smith and Eric Tabor) will be using the two character to travel across the country, with Mississippi and Tennessee being the launch states.

"We're excited to have been selected to kick off this important project," says Mississippi native Cyrus Webb. He has been tapped by Kid Energy USA to be the tour coordinator for the campaign. "I know that Burnie and Earl will not only resonate with young kids but help educate teens and adults about their responsibility when it comes to safety and what we can all do to pay it forward."

The dates of the Mississippi and Tennessee leg of the tour are January 21-25th. Webb has already set up stops with schools and after school programs, however, more are welcome. During each stop there will be information about Kid Energy USA and its mission as well as the importance of 811 and knowing what is under your feet when it comes to safety. Free material and coloring books will also be distributed to the younger audiences as well as the showing of a video about how Burnie and Earl learn about 811..

For more information about the campaign visit Interested in learning how you can be a part of the tour? Contact Cyrus Webb at or 601.896.5616.