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Authors Ashley & JaQuavis: Young, Successful & Ready For The World

by Cyrus Webb

The success of New York Times bestselling authors Ashley and JaQuavis is measured not just in their book sales and the loyalty of their fans. It's seen just as much in how they have been able to grow together, experience the roller coaster ride of the literary industry together and their willingness to share the journey together.

In less than half a decade the husband and wife team from Flint, Michigan has risen to the top of the urban genre and branched out to diversify their readership. Make no mistake: this was by no means an accident. It was part of their plan from the beginning. Confident in their abilities yet seemingly unaware of their influence, it is no doubt that they will be talked about for quite some time.

I had the opportunity to sit down with the power couple when they visited Mississippi in September 2011 promoting their novel MURDERVILLE and the anticipated MURDER MAMAS. After a day of watching them interact with their fans, it was obvious that they loved what they do and most importantly they love each other. It was that love that led them to be a literary team in the first place.

After experiencing a personal loss, JaQuavis suggested they have a friendly competition to see who could write the best story. For Ashley, who has always wanted to write and wanted to go into journalism, this was a great distraction. That was the beginning. Their literary career officially began in 2005, and now dozens of books later (written separately, together and some ghostwritten) these two have no intention of stopping or slowing down.

"It surprises me that something that comes so easy to us is loved by so many people," JaQuavis confesses. "It's fulfilling to know we have so many readers in such a little time." When talking about their influence especially among readers of what is considered urban or street lit, Ashley adds: "We are the CNN for the streets. We are writing a life that we and our readers can relate to. It's the journey of going from the gutter to the top."

Though they have their success as solo writers, JaQuavis knows that their ability to tell a great story together is appreciated by readers. "We tell both sides of the coin as a couple," he says. "We can tell you how the characters (both male and female) feel in a voice and style that is authentic." That relatability,though, is not just confined to a certain genre. "We are writers first," Ashley explains. "When people meet us we change opinions about the type of fiction we write. In a way we are telling everyone's story."

That cross-over ability is something I saw right away in their book MURDERVILLE, published by Cash Money Content this year. It is indicative of how the authors see themselves now and where they want to go. "We like to be the best at everything we attempt," Ashley told me. JaQuavis quickly agreed. "We want to be mentioned as one of the greatest," he says. And that greatness goes beyond just writing books. They have already set their sights on their next objective: films.

With the confidence that comes across from them in their books and in their conversation, I was surprised at their reaction to being called role models for aspiring authors and individuals going after their dreams. After giving it some thought their responses were tempered with both humility and appreciation. "Study what we do," JaQuavis advises, "but know that you have to mix up your own formula." This was mirrored by Ashley as well. "It's an honor to be considered a role model," she said to me, "but I hope people realize there is not just one blueprint for success. You have to find your own way."

For sure the way that these two have gone about their journey to success has worked and continues to inspire others and thrill their devoted fans. Here's wishing the same for all who dare to dream.

To find out more about Ashley and JaQuavis visit .

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Polly Campbell's Imperfect Spirituality

by Cyrus Webb

This year I read hundreds of books, but I have to say that those that really stuck with me (both fiction and non-fiction) were the ones that included something that I could see pieces of myself in. A perfect example of such a title is IMPERFECT SPIRITUALITY by Polly Campbell. This book was just the kind of resource I and others need to realize the importance of who we are today and the many reasons we have to love ourselves.

Thankfully I was able to connect with the author and during our conversation we discussed not just teh book but how it is making a difference in the lives of others by just stating this basic truth: You are enough.

"It's been inspiring and gratifying for me," Campbell says when I asked her about the response. "This message resonates with them but they're teaching me as well. Many of us are saddled with this concept that we need to live up to some ideal, that we have to be somehow different than how we are to be accepted." She admits that this was a part of how she lived but something changed. "I don't do that anymore. I decided that I'm imperfect. I got all this stuff, good and bad, within me. When I found my way through imperfect spirituality I really became free and liberated to live a whole life." It is that message that is also speaking to people around the world.

One of the big lessons that I learned in IMPERFECT SPIRITUALITY is the importance of realizing your value and where you can find real happiness. "People are realizing that the solution to these things is not outside of us any more," Polly says. "That's not working. It's within us, and when we realize that we are good enough to handle whatever comes we are free to do it." The process can be scary but it's necessary. "Often we have outgrown our value systems," she explains. In order to move forward we have to reexamine where we are and where we want to go. "When we know our values we can move towards them."

A great deal of this process of not just loving yourself for who you are but recognizing the gifts you bring has a great deal to do with being one within yourself. "I think a lot of times our mind and our heart are separate," Polly says. "I want to bring those things back into alignment." To do that, however, takes courage, something that she writes about a great deal in IMPERFECT SPIRITUALITY. "Courage is the thing that gives us movement. Without it we are stuck. Anytime you step into a transition in your life it requires some courage. It's an innate quality. The rest can be developed. The best way to learn is to practice it."

When you are thinking about this and the transformation in the way you think and react to life it can be a little overwhelming. The great thing to remember, though, is that you don't have to try to change everything all at once. "Take a baby step. Take a stand when the stakes are low. It's the best way to practice courage and develop more of it. When the stakes are higher it shows up for you in those moments."

Polly told me that in just reading the book IMPERFECT SPIRITUALITY readers are showing they have the courage necessary to go further. This means that you have to be open to what can be and be willing to surrender when you believe you can't go any further.

"Surrender is about being aware of myself both as a marvel and something that is so small and minute that I can't manage the entire universe by myself," she says. "When I am able to give up that element of control there is nothing but peace because then there's room for optimism and faith to push in. I make space for the larger possibility."

In the book she talks about the various ways we can show this courage and surrender. It can be as easy as stepping out of your comfort zone. "The reason I was saying no was because I was fearful.  It was easier to say no. What I realized is that my life became really restrictive. It's our nature to be creative and expansive. The energy of yes is different than the energy of no.

"When we say yes the energy in our life shifts where we attract greater possibilities and people to us. The energy of yes pushes us towards our passions and purposes and makes space for things to arrive."

Are you ready to see where you can go in the New Year? If so it begins with a decision. Find out more about Polly Campbell's own transformation and how you can begin your own at

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The worst thing you can do is count me out.
If you think saying something about me is going to stop me, then you really don't know what I'm about...
and that means you'll underestimate me.

I can understand why you are afraid...and you should be.
Not because I am that powerful, but because of the power within me.

What separates you from me is the passion that drives each day of my life.
I don't focus on the negativity and the strife of the day.
I look for a way to make my next 24 hours better than the ones before it.

You might just want to get ahead, and that's okay---for you.
But to really be successful you have to think about the bigger picture.
Life is about the impact you have on those around you, and what you do to really make a difference.

It's not about how many people know your name
or living the celebrity life that brings you money and fame.
I'm more about another reward.

I want the peace of mind that one finds by using their skills for good...and I do.
If I am to excel and the talents I've been given propel me into the spotlight, then I want to make sure I'm using that opportunity well.

This is not about me.
It's about the endless possibilities that we all can achieve.

So when you think you're doing something to defame me, think again.
I'm no longer a person who needs your praise to get through my day or feel good about myself.
That's why you can't stop me.
Only I can stop me.
And stopping is something I have no intention of doing.
As long as there is breath in my body I will continue to be the best I can.

I can't be stopped.

(c) 2013    C. A. Webb

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Celebrity Fitness Trainer/Model Branden Nicholson Shares How to Discover Your 'Why' In Life

by Cyrus Webb

As 2013 is coming to a close and we are looking forward to the New Year there are those of you who have said you are going to bring about some significant changes for yourself in 2014. For some it will be issues of weight. Others will look to improve their finances. Still others will be looking for love. In order to be successful in whatever it is you want to do, however, an important question has to be asked: Have you identified your Why?

The question might seem strange to some, but it is one that each of us no matter where we are in life have to consider.

Every day we make decisions about things that we do or don't do. These decisions then affect not just ourselves but those around us. How many of us have seen something and said "I want that" or "I wish I could do that" The obvious question to ask is "Why?" The answer will determine if we are willing to do the work necessary to get what we say we want.

Fitness model and trainer Branden Nicholson has not only identified his why, but it literally affects each and every aspect of his life. Today he is literally affecting the lives of individuals around the world through his coaching and motivational tips, but the journey began with himself and the question of Why.

Nicholson, who is the founder and CEO of B. Nick Fitness, has dedicated his life to not just getting his clients in the best shape possible but stimulating them mentally to face the challenges in front of them. His love of fitness and wellness came 8 years ago when he snapped his right femur bone in half.

"I was rushed to the hospital and had three major surgeries that left me with a 28 inch rod in me with four screws to hold it in place," he says "I was in the hospital for over 2 months. I could not walk for a full year." During this time Nicholson went through the doubt that so plagues so many. "I went from people and coaches calling me everyday to everyone giving up on me including the doctors. I was told I would never return to the football field and would never be able to walk again in life."

Some would have allowed that diagnosis to end any hope they had. Not Branden Nicholson. "Through all of this God was showing and telling me that this is not where I was going to end up at. I used my pain to push me through prosperity. I beat all odds against me.I am here to tell you that when you are going through pain I know exactly what you are feeling, because I have been there. I will tell you this much, if you work through your pain, the other side is your reward.I learned that pain isn't permanent, you can get through this because you are bigger and better then your pain. I proved everyone wrong that tried to stop me, kill my dreams to walk again, that Impossible is nothing.I got this far using my pain. God showed me he had a bigger plan for my life."

That plan has included the work that B. Nick Fitness is doing through in-person training and online. "There's nothing like this," says Nicholson. "Through social media I'm helping people that I can't reach change their lives by getting in shape and motivating them to get on the right track and stay there."

This is when the Why is so important. "What keeps me motivated is knowing that I have people looking up to me. My clients and family look to me for support and assurance. My whole personal experience also motivates me." He also realizes the importance of focusing on what is important. Though many are impress by the physical appearance, Nicholson says that you can't be defined by what people see. "That comes and goes," he explains. "You can look healthy on the outside and be crappy on the inside. It has to start within. That is your base. If the base isn't grounded it all falls apart. You have to stay focused and grounded. It's all about discipline."

Through the pictures of his clients that he shares online we know the approach that Branden Nicholson uses is paying off in the lives of others. "That's the best feeling in the world," he told me. "Even when I was playing ball I never felt like this. Just to be a part of someone's life is big. When I get the chance to see them that's a thrill for me. I came into this industry saying that if I can change one life then this is the job for me. It's all about progression and taking one step at a time. All the lives I continue to change I give all the glory to God."

Because of his inspiring approach to life I asked Branden to partner with Conversations Media Group in sharing some of his motivational tips with our audience. He agreed, and the result is what we call "31 Days of Inspiration". Through the entire month of we have been sharing these tips online through social media. Now they are available to you in this issue of the magazine. Many of them have to do with self-reflection. Others address issues of faith and some even tackle the importance of the company you keep.

Through the "31 Days of Inspiration" it is our hope that you will be able to find that inner strength to push forward even when the odds seem against them. Nicholson has this message for anyone going through a trial or situation where they feel there is no hope: "I'm telling you not to give up but to push through it. Pain is temporary.It may last for a minute, hour, day or even a year, but eventually it will subside and something else would take its place. But if you quit that will last forever! " Missed any of the "31 Days of Inspiration?" Catch up here:

So what is your Why? What will drive who you become? Begin to answer that question now and watch the shift that occurs in everything you say and do. For more information about Branden Nicholson visit You can also stay in touch with him through Twitter at and his Facebook page

Photo credits: Top photograph of Nicholson: Black Russian Studios NYC / Bottom photograph of Nicholson: JRW Photograph Hawaii

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Actor Patrick Faucette: Setting the Bar Higher with Every Role

by Cyrus Webb

Mystery. Suspense. Betrayal. Secrets. All of these elements have come together in the hit show The Haves and the Have Nots on the Oprah Winfrey Network and actor Patrick Faucette's character Tony Watson is right in the middle of it all.

Known for his roles on shows like Southland and Hot In Cleveland, Faucette told me that it felt great to be a part of the show's success on OWN. "I've done a lot of shows and have been working so hard," he says during our conversation. The result of his hard work has been his getting more parts on mainstream projects. "It's exciting to have all of this happening. To be a recurring character on a show like this is like everything is paying off. I see it as the beginning of a new chapter in my career. It's a dream come true."

In his first episode on the show we found out that his character Tony is the father of Hannah's son Benny (played by Tyler Lepley). We are also given some of the backstory as to what happened to his relationship with Hannah (played by Crystal Fox). I asked Patrick if it was easy to watch himself. "I am one of those people who critiques everything I do," he told me, "but I am proud of my role and the character."

After it was announced that more episodes had been ordered that opened the door for the character Tony to be more flushed out. "This is one of those shows where there is so much more possibility," he told me. "It's like an open palette to start painting a new picture on."

Patrick Faucette's love for acting came after attending college. Seeing some of his friends perform ignited something inside him that led to theater. Now as his light continues to shine bright, he is able to see his dedication pay off. "You just have to go for it," he told me. "Don't allow fear to stop you." It might seem easier said than done, but it is necessary. "You have to put all that doubt behind you and just keep going."

Because of his dedication Patrick is not just garnering fans but individuals who see his passion and want to emulate it. I asked him who were some actors that he looked up to. He told me that Denzel Washington and George Clooney were two that he admired because of their work ethic and dedication. They also show him what is possible. "It's something I try to see in my mind"--- he explained---"that this possibility is out there. You can't set your bar anywhere but high so you can keep striving to go higher. There is no limit to what I can do."

Patrick's advice for all of us? "You can't allow any circumstance or fear to get in your way of getting to your dream. Whatever passion you have you have to keep letting it push you."

To stay in touch with Patrick on Twitter visit him at You can also find him on Facebook at

*     Photo credit: Cornia Marie Howell

Cyrus Webb's Dec. Pick: IMPERFECT SPIRITUALITY by Polly Campbell

Popular Entertainment Internet Radio with Cyrus Webb Presents on BlogTalkRadio

Listen in as Conversations LIVE host Cyrus Webb and award-winning author Polly Campbell have an interactive discussion of her book IMPERFECT SPIRITUALITY.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Cyrus Webb Presents His Book Club Picks for Dec. 2013 & Jan. 2014

Conversations Media Group President Cyrus Webb is excited to announce his picks for Conversations Book Club online discussions during the months of December 2013 and January 2014.

"My goal during 2014 is to introduce the world to book that are not just engaging but make the reader think and feel something," says Webb, 38. Over the years he has been able to learn lessons from fiction and non-fiction titles, and he believes the same is true for others as well.

His pick for the month of December 2013 is IMPERFECT SPIRITUALITY by author Polly Campbell (published by Viva Editions)

Webb had the opportunity to interview Campbell during 2013 and believes that the book has a lot for readers to not just learn from but to appreciate about themselves and their relationship with God. The author will re-join Webb on Conversations LIVE Thurs. Dec. 12th @ 6p.m. et (5p.m. ct/3p.m. pt) to discuss the book again live and will be taking your callers. The show will be streaming live at Webb will be tweeting during the conversation using the hashtag #imperfectspirituality.

Webb's choice for the month of January 2014 is sure to have lovers of Fiction and Non-Fiction alike coming together to discuss it: THE SINNERS' GARDEN by William Sirls (published by Thomas Nelson).

"William Sirls has a way of telling a story that not only engages the reader but brings them into each situation," Webb explains.

The book officially releases mid-December. The messages of THE SINNERS GARDEN are so important that Webb is making it his pick for both the online and his in-person book club discussion that is held in Pearl, MS.

The Mississippi chapter of Conversations Book Club will meet at Appetizers Restaurant (3000 Hwy 80 E * Pearl, MS) on Sat. January 11th @ 1p.m. Then on Thursday Jan. 16th @ 8p.m. et (7p.m. ct/5p.m. pt) Webb will moderate an hour discussion on Conversations LIVE about the book, taking calls and sharing dialogue online at Finally Webb and Nebo Media Group President Charles Clark will discuss THE SINNERS' GARDEN on Sat. January 25th @ 1p.m. et (12p.m. ct/10a.m. pt) on "Conversation Pieces" (another Conversations LIVE Radio production) at

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Conversations' Founder Cyrus Webb Marks New Milestones in November 2013

Conversations Founder Cyrus Webb seen here with
Mississippi author Glenda L. Hunter
As 2013 comes to a close Conversations Media Group founder Cyrus Webb celebrates new milestones for his growing brand.

During the month of November the 38 year old Mississippi native and resident saw some of his biggest accomplishments, starting on November 1st with an exclusive interview with Platinum-selling recording artist/actor Billy Ray Cyrus.  "It was such an honor to have him come on our radio show Conversations LIVE," says Webb. "We discussed his book HILLBILLY HEART which our magazine (Conversations Magazine) had recognized during the summer and afterwards he said it was one of the best interviews he's had." (You can listen to the interview here .  )

Conversations Media Group is the home of Conversations LIVE Radio show, Conversations Magazine and Conversations Book Club---all of which saw history-making moments in November.

Aside from the interview with Billy Ray Cyrus in November Webb also interviewed Greg Centineo, Executive Producer for the upcoming Legends of Oz movie, award-winning author Clair Conner ("Wrapped in the Flag") and Disco Queen Gloria Gaynor! This month also saw him welcoming his 900th guest of the year, the first time in the 10 years he has hosted the show so many guests have been interviewed!

November also was the 7 year anniversary for Conversations Book Club. The reading group that began in 2006 with just 3 members has grown into one of the largest co-ed reading groups in the country. Over the 7 years Webb has led book discussions not just in Mississippi but Texas, Tennessee, Louisiana and Georgia. To date over 100 author events have been held across the south, with plans to expand in 2014.

"I'm very proud of what I've built with Conversations," says Webb. "It's a testament to the importance of having a vision and seeing it through to fruition. If I can do it, then anyone with a dream can do it."

To stay updated with everything going on with Conversations visit,, and Webb can be reached at and 601.896.5616.

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Cyrus Webb & Conversations Book Club Present the Top Books of 2013

Cyrus Webb, in association with Conversations Book Club, is excited to announce this year Top Books!

"This is always an exciting and challenging undertaking," says Webb, 38. This year he read over 300 titles and to narrow them down to the Top 100 Fiction and Non-Fiction books for adults and 10 reads for young readers was not easy. "There are so many talented wordsmiths out there. It's a great problem to have to narrow it down, but I think this year's list is one of our best.

Webb began Conversations Book Club in Nov. 2006 in his home state of Mississippi with the purpose of encouraging reading and spreading the word about talented authors. Over the years he has traveled the South sharing his love of books and inviting others to do the same.

"If we can get just one more person to realize the power of words then all the hard work has paid off," says Webb. "That is my mission each and every day."

Here are Conversations' Top 50 Non-Fiction Titles of 2013: 

Here are Conversations' Top 50 Fiction Titles of 2013:

Introducing Conversations' 10 Literary Finds with Young Readers in Mind for 2013:

To stay abreast of what's next for Conversations Book Club bookmark CONVERSATIONS: Feeding your love of life!

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(Sat. Nov. 23) Cyrus Webb discusses the movie Stand Your Ground in Pearl, MS

“Stand Your Ground - The True Story of A Cry for Justice” is an independent feature film which will release in select theaters including in Pearl, MS on January 17, 2014. To prepare for the movie and the topics discussed Conversations Book Club and President Cyrus Webb will host a discussion of the film and the books that inspired it on Sat. November 23rd @ 1p.m. et at the Pearl Public Library (2416 Old Brandon Road * Pearl, MS).
A riveting courtroom drama, "Stand Your Ground" is based on a real family’s personal trial of faith against all odds.
When Jackie Carpenter’s son Jason is accused of murder, she fights against the odds to free him; but when the prosecution seeks a life sentence, Jackie’s and Jason’s world spins into turmoil sending them on parallel journeys of wavering faith and tentative hope. “Stand Your Ground” is the true story of tragedy, trust and triumph, and of a cry for justice.
“Stand Your Ground” is the recipient of many awards and accolades, including Best Screenplay at Los Angeles New Wave International Film Festival 2012, Gideon Film Festival 2013 Official Selection, Best Picture at Peachtree Village International Film Festival 2013, Bronze Best Drama at ICVM Crown Awards 2013, and Best Screenplay at Alaska International Film Festival.
“Stand Your Ground” is a Dove “Family Approved” film recommended for ages 12 and over, having received The Dove Foundation’s highest rating of Five Doves. Dove Foundation Review says this about "Stand Your Ground": “This movie is well made and suspenseful. It features a great story based on actual events. The acting is excellent . . . We are pleased to award this stirring and fantastic production five Doves, our best rating!”
During the discussion on Sat. Nov. 23rd Webb will be joined via Skype by Jackie Carpenter, the woman who wrote the books that the movie “Stand Your Ground” is based. Carpenter visited Mississippi while promoting her books The Bridge & Georgia Justice in 2011. Admission to the meeting is free and those who attend will sign up to receive a free ticket to the January 2014 movie release.

To see the movie trailer, as well as cast list, theater and ticket info, and much more visit

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Cyrus Webb's Art Show "This Is Now" A Success

On Saturday, October 26, 2013 Mississippi native Cyrus Webb hosted is first major art show in almost 8 years at the Pearl Public Library in Pearl, MS. The title "This Is Now" symbolized not just how he was moving forward in new ways of creating but how his work has evolved over the past decade.

"It was a great experience for me," says Webb, 38. "To see people of all ages and races come out to show their support was truly a humbling experience." On display were both original art from the past 5 years as well as prints.

"Because of the response I am looking forward to hosting another show real soon," Webb says. "There's nothing like creating, and I have a lot more I want to share.

You can stay in touch with Webb at He can also be reached via social media at and

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

(Sat. Oct. 26th) Cyrus Webb Presents "...This Is Now" Art Show in Pearl, MS

(Pearl, MS) For the past 10 years Mississippi artist/poet/radio and tv personality and Editor of Conversations Magazine Cyrus Webb has had the privilege of sharing his gift of the arts in classrooms, during art shows around the South and in exhibits. 

On Sat. October 26, 2013 he will bring together over 40 pieces of his art in an exhibit called "...This Is Now". This will take place at the Pearl Public Library (2416 Old Brandon Road * Pearl, MS) from 12-3p.m
"This is going to be one of my best shows to date," says Webb, 38. "It will feature my work from the past decade, including my newest work. I  want everyone who attends this event to get a clearer view of my growth as a man and an artist."

Admission is free, however,  art will be available for purchasing.

For more information contact Cyrus Webb at or 601.896.5616. You can also visit

Monday, September 23, 2013

Conversations Media Group Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary of "Conversations of a Sistah" | PRLog

(Wednesday, September 25, 2013) Cyrus Webb will join author/blogger Tracy L. Bell on the air Wed. September 25th @ 8p.m. et (7p.m. ct/5p.m. pt) to celebrate her one year anniversary of hosting "Conversations of a Sistah". Details below.

Conversations Media Group Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary of "Conversations of a Sistah" | PRLog

Friday, September 6, 2013

DB Corey: What Was It Like? - An Interview with Cyrus Webb -...

Great blog post from author D. B. Corey about his recent interview on Conversations LIVE. Enjoyed talking with Corey about his book CHAIN OF EVIDENCE.

DB Corey: What Was It Like? - An Interview with Cyrus Webb -...: Last Sunday evening I was fortunate enough to spend a little time on BlogTalkRadio-Conversations Live  with Cyrus Webb , internationally kn...

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Lessons Learned From "The Haves and the Have Nots"

by Cyrus Webb

It is the show that has taken the world by storm this summer, bringing millions of readers to the Oprah Winfrey Network every Tuesday since it debuted May 28th. Written, produced and directed by Tyler Perry, we were introduced to three families who outwardly may have appeared differently but are more connected than those around them could ever know.

As delicious as the drama is between them, I have found that the lessons we learn each week or just as compelling. Leave it up to Tyler Perry to be able to entertain and inspire us through one drama series.

NO BAD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED: From the very first episode (actually in the first 10 15 min.) we are able to see how Judge Jim Cryer (played by John Schneider) is not just a smooth liar but a cheater as well. His indiscretion with the escort Candace Young ( played by Tika Sumpter) is something that follows him through the series, leading to events that will not only affect his family but those in Candace's as well. It is his wife Katheryn (played by Renee Lawless) that reminds him that his sins are coming back to him through his children.

The lesson? No bad deed goes unpunished, even if we can see the results from the beginning.

HELL HATH NO FURY...: Katheryn Cryer is the matriarch of her family but she is also a woman with deep secrets and an even deeper resentment for the life (and lies) she has been forced to live. Her husband Jim has put her in a situation where she has had to hide her disdain for him, but with the hiring of Hanna Young ( played by Crystal Fox) she finds someone she can confide in. It is through her interactions with Hannah that she reveals not just her health troubles but why she is keeping it from her family. Also when Hannah needs her help on behalf of her son Benny (played by Tyler Lepley), it is Katheryn who gets Veronica Harrington ( played by Angela Robinson) involved, ultimately revealing truths and a scandal that some never saw coming.

The lesson? We've heard that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, but Kateryn also shows that that the urge for revenge is a cancer that can kill far more than any physical ailment you might experience.

THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE: Though there are issues that all of the characters in this drama are dealing with it is Hanna Young that is holding much of her truth away from others. As we meet her in the first episode she refuses to tell her employers the Cryers that Candace Young is her daughter for fear of losing her job. Later we see her refusing to tell her son Benny that Tony Watson (played by Patrick Faucette) is his father. We also don't know much about Candace's father and some of the accusations that she has made. When we finally see Hanna admit the truth about Candace we see the sigh of relief that comes over her and the way she is able to relax even more.

The truth also has a lot to do with how Veronica learns more about her husband David (played by Peter Parros) and his involvement in the Candace Young and later Benny Young scandals. She is able to see that her husband is capable of lying without evidence of conscience and has no problem calling him on it.

The lesson? No matter how difficult it might be, the truth is always the best road to walk. It's not always easy to digest, but the lasting benefits are far better than the consequences that come from lies.

TO THINE OWN SELF BE TRUE:  As you have already seen the truth is something that is a problem for many on The Haves and the Have Nots, and especially among the children of the Cryers and Jeffrey Harrington ( played by Gavin Houston) there are serious problems living the truth.

Wyatt (played by Aaron O'Connell) and Amanda (played by Jaclyn Betham) are part of a family that is seen as being powerful yet these two are deeply affected by events that have taken place in their lives. We don't know the full story yet, but what we do know is that something happened to the two of them that caused them to cope in various ways. For Wyatt that seems to be drugs and alcohol. For Amanda it is through hurting herself, resulting in two suicide attempts. Individuals enter their lives with the hope of giving them something to look for, but will they find the courage to be themselves in spite of what others (including their own parents) think?

Jeffrey has been the most painful to watch as it comes to the issue of living one's truth. We've seen his love for Wyatt show itself in various ways, included the anger that erupted leading into the finale. Part of the reason he has been so reluctant to openly express himself is the warning given by his own mother that nothing other than what's expect of him will be tolerated.

The lesson? I think the character Candace says it best: You'll never be happy until you are living a life that is honest and true. She says this to Amanda and to Jeffrey, and it's a great message for us as well.

* * *
What will Season Two bring? We will find out soon enough, but what we already know is that this show will continue to grow in popularity as those watching continue to be enthralled and engaged in each and every episode.

Conversations LIVE radio interviews with The Haves and The Have Nots cast:
Interview with Gavin Houston (Jeffrey Harrington)
Interview with Renee Lawless (Katheryn Cryer)
Interview with Angela Robinson (Veronica Harrington)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

(Mon. Aug. 19th) Cyrus Webb a guest on the Yvette W Jones Show

On Monday, August 19th Cyrus Webb was a guest on the Yvette W. Jones show, discussing the building of his brand and giving encouragement to anyone with a dream.

Listen to the show here:

(Mon. Aug. 19th) Cyrus Webb A Guest on "Between the Lines"with Corine Lafont

On Monday,August 19th Cyrus Webb and Patti Hultstrand were guests on "Between the Lines" with host Corine Lafont.
With the advent of technology, everything these days seems to be online and print seems to become the new dinosaur. Is that really true? Or is there still room for traditional print newspapers and magazines? What needs to be done to keep them alive and sustainable in a competing digital market?
Listen to the show here:

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

KiDs Beach Club School Silent Auction and Raffle ~ Sept 28th, 2013

Whom Shall I Fear?
Psalm 27:1
KiDs Beach Club®
Benefit Dinner and Auction
Saturday, September 28th, 2013
Silent Auction begins at 5:30 pm 
followed by Dinner and Live Auction
Premier Communications Services
1551 Corporate Dr, Suite 125
Irving, TX 75038
KiDs Beach Club® Benefit Dinner and Auction, Whom Shall I Fear?,is the largest fundraising event we host each year.  The proceeds from this event go directly to KiDs Beach Club® (KBC), where we help children learn important life skills discovered in the Word of God.
KiDs Beach Club® is an organization dedicated to connecting kids to Christ and to His church through after-school, faith based clubs called Beach Clubs. Our vision is to provide every 3rd - 6th grade child a Jesus experience within the culture of his or her public elementary school. Organized in 2006, KBC is a non-profit charitable organization and is fully recognized by the IRS.
Committed to Sharing Jesus Fearlessly in the 2013-2014 school year; over 1,000 volunteers will converge on schools unapologetically wearing the full armor of God inside the public schools, sharing God's word and making Jesus Cool at School!TM Currently, there are over 100 Beach Clubs operating in eight states ministering to over 6,000 children in a weekly Bible club.
"The Lord is my light and my salvation-whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life-of whom shall I fear?"   Psalm 27:1                                                                                                     
With surprise guest Master of Ceremonies from KLTY 94.9KiDs Beach Club® Benefit Dinner and Auction, Whom Shall I Fear?,includes a Silent Auction, Big Board, Raffle and our much anticipated Live Auction. Featuring luxury vacations and getaways, jewelry, sporting events and numerous other items, this will be an incredible evening that you don't want to miss!
We invite you to partner with us in seeing that every child has a Jesus experience. As a non-profit organization, we rely on your gracious financial support to help us accomplish this goal. 
Thank you for joining us in this amazing effort!

For additional information, please contact Diana Willis at dwillisasi@aol or 817-919-3310 for immediate attention.  Donations should be mailed to Diana Willis, 1124 Simpson Dr., Hurst, TX 76053.

KiDs Beach Club® is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization.
All contributions are tax deductible and graciously appreciated.
P.O. Box 635
Euless, TX 76039-0635

Saturday, August 10, 2013

(Sat. August 10, 2013) Cyrus Webb A Guest on "Let''s Talk with Alecia Hill"

On Saturday, August 10th media personality Cyrus Webb appeared on "Let's Talk" hosted by Alecia Hill. Listen to the podcast at

Thursday, August 8, 2013

(Aug 8th) Media Personality Cyrus Webb Speaks with the Savvy BestSellers

(August 8, 2013) Eunice Nisbett interviews media personality Cyrus Webb about the best way for authors to successfully promote themselves.

Listen to the interview here:

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

MS' artist Treil Sampson ends July celebrating his debut single IN THE CLOUDS

by Cyrus Webb

Mississippi-based Magnolia Records ends the month of July celebrating the introduction of their 19 year old artist Treil Sampson's single and video for IN THE CLOUDS.

Sampson's single became available for free down through on Tues. July 2nd. "It feels good to get the support and the validation," says Sampson. "I'm glad that people are supporting the project. Music is who I am, and I'm excited to be able to share that now with the world."

Treil Sampson of Yazoo City, MS has loved music since he was young, but this year he is sharing his own skills with the world through tracks like "In the Clouds." Featuring artist Psycho, the single is still available for free at . Though a song just right for the clubs, the single also showcases both artists' lyrical abilities.

"I am doing this not just for me but to show others from where I'm from and even around the world what was possible for them," Treil says. "We don't have to let where we're from dictate where we can go. I know that music can take me anywhere."

Not to be pigeon-holed as just another party rapper, Sampson is already working on releasing music that shares his positive outlook on life and is currently working on a special event that will be taking place in October of this year.

Stay in touch with Treil Sampson on Twitter at  and on Facebook under Treil Sampson.

For booking contact Shana Jackson at or call 1.662.763.7042. Watch the video here:

Monday, July 29, 2013

(Sun. July 28th) Cyrus Webb Appears on The Tony Gill Show

On Sunday, July 28, 2013 media personality Cyrus Webb appeared on The Tony Gill Show to talk about the building of the Conversations brand and what's to come.
Listen to internet radio with TONY GILL on BlogTalkRadio

Monday, July 15, 2013

Media Personality Cyrus Webb Says Thank You

Mississippi Native Cyrus Webb Celebrates 10 Years Hosting Conversations LIVE

Jackie Collins. Barbara Taylor Bradford, Paul Michael Glaser, Lenny Williams. John Saul. They all have appeared on one program: Conversations LIVE hosted by Mississippi's own Cyrus Webb. The radio show that began as a weekly broadcast on WMPR 90.1 FM in Jackson, MS is now heard around the world by millions. On Monday, July 15th the media personality and Rankin County, Mississippi native celebrates 10 years of hosting what is now Conversations LIVE.

"It's been an amazing decade," says Webb,37, who has now interviewed over 4k guests and has a reach thanks to online affiliates and of millions. "When I began this show I had no idea where it would go or even what it would have accomplish. Now 10 years later I truly see the skies as the limit."

Conversations LIVE has been a place where individuals of all walks of life have come to discuss their personal experiences and triumphs as well as projects they are presenting to the world. Among Webb's most notable guests have been Pulitzer-Prize winners as well as musical notables like Dionne Warwick and American Idol winners Ruben Studdard and Taylor Hicks.

"I think the reason why Conversations LIVE works is that we meet people where they are," says Webb. "It has never been a show for just a certain group of people. I created the platform for the world, and the world has responded to it."

Over the past five years especially Webb has been recognized by major publishing houses Random House and Simon and Schuster as a "go-to guy" for quality interviews for their authors. The same has been said from recording artists who are looking to share with the world. "I believe the key for my success has been the fact that I treat everyone the same," Webb explains. "Whether you are a national star or someone on the rise you are going to be treated with the utmost respect and dignity."

Webb now hosts 4 shows a day, spending over 20 hours a week on the air. He was recently recognized by Blogtalkradio as one of their success stories. "I do what I do because I love it," he says. "It's great to get the recognition, but the most important thing for me is to make sure that my guest and my listeners walk away with the best experience. If I can do that, then I've done my job as a host."

Cyrus Webb is on social media at and on Twitter at To stay abreast with all that Webb has coming up, visit For details about the radio show, visit To see who is featured next in Conversations Magazine visit

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Host Jamesina Greene interviews Cyrus Webb on "The Voice of Triumph"

Conversations Media Group founder Cyrus Webb was a guest on "The Voice of Triumph" hosted by Jamesina Green on Wednesday, July 3, 2013.

You can listen to the podcast of the show here:
Cyrus Webb 07/03 by The Voice of Triumph | Blog Talk Radio

Sunday, June 23, 2013

(Fri. June 28th) Cyrus Webb appears on "The Amy Beth Arkawy" Show

(Friday, June 28, 2013) Media personality Cyrus Webb will be a guest on "The Amy Arkawy Show" @ 1p.m. et (12p.m. ct/10a.m. pt) discussing his brand and what's to come.

Catch it live or via the podcast here: New Media Maven Cyrus Webb 06/28 by Amy Beth Arkawy | Blog Talk Radio

(Wed. July 10th) Cyrus Webb will be a guest on "The Earl Hall Show"

Join Media Personality Cyrus Webb on Wed. July 10th @ 11a.m. et (10a.m. ct/8a.m. pt) when he will be a guest on "The Earl Hall Show"
Listen to the show live or via podcast at the link below:
The Amazing Cyrus Webb 07/10 by Earl Hall | Blog Talk Radio

(Thurs. July 11th) Media Personality Cyrus Webb to be interviewed by radio host Charlotte Howard

On Thursday, July 11th @ 11a.m. et (10a.m. ct/8a.m. pt) media personality Cyrus Webb will be interviewed by Charlotte Howard of the Hair Artist Assoc. about his brand and what is to come.

You can listen to the show live or via the archive at the link below:

Exclusive Interview: Media Personality Cyrus Webb 07/11 by Charlotte Howard | Blog Talk Radio

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Yazoo City Artists Psycho and Treil Sampson Prepare to Make Their Mark on the Music World

Two young men. Both from Mississippi. Both with dreams of something more---and they have the talent to get it.

Recording artists Psycho and Treil Sampson are from Yazoo City, Mississippi, however they have skills that they believe the world will appreciate.

On Sunday, June 30th @ 6p.m. central (7p.m. eastern) they will be guests on Conversations LIVE radio show with host Cyrus Webb discussing their love of music and introducing their new singles.

Psycho, 25, has garnered attention for his mixtape ILLUMINATION and is excited to show others what he has to offer. "There more out there than what you sometimes hear on the radio," he says. I'm all about being myself and creating the kind of music that I love. He will be promoting his single ALMOST FAMOUS during the radio show. He can be found at

For Treil Samspon, 19, his single IN THE CLOUDS is his first release and one he's proud of. "I've been loving music since I was young," he says. His inspiration comes from life. He can be found at 

The Conversations LIVE interview can be heard online here:

Both artists will be releasing their singles to the public for free download online on Tuesday, July 2, 2013. For more information about the artists and their upcoming events contact Shana Jackson at or 1.662.763.7042.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Joseph Henderson: Determined Not to Die All Alone

by Cyrus Webb

We all know individuals who have seemed to give up on life. They are existing, but not really living. For the there best days are behind them, and there is nothing else to look forward to.

As sad as that might be, the good news is that it doesn't have to be the last chapter for them. Just look at Mississippi's resident Joseph Henderson.
Since originally releasing his memoir I DON'T WANT TO DIE ALL ALONE in 2000 he was ready to share with the world not only what you could overcome but what you
can achieve as well.

Raised in a home where he sometimes had to fiend for himself and his siblings, Joseph was
able to rise above the negativity that could have destroyed him, and has come out a
better man. Whether it was having to snuggle in bed at night with his siblings in order
to stay warm or search for food in garbage cans, he realizes firsthand that life doesn't
always deal you the hand you want, but it doesn't define the person you can be.

After surviving being shot himself and losing his brother to senseless violence, Joseph
decided that he wanted to use his life lessons to help others. The journey began with the
book but has continued as he has campaigned on behalf of reading, education and bringing
your very best to every situation.

In 2008 he teamed up with Conversations Book Club and began partnering with other authors and sharing his story through book signings and publlic appearances. Joseph has also taken his story into the schools of Mississippi, sharing what is the reality for some of those students but giving them hope for a better future if they really want it. Through his mentoring efforts, he has been able to see students that
others have given up on take their lives more seriously and actually graduate.

As the word about his personal story reaches more people, Joseph is committed to sharing
that he is no one special. The success he has been able to find is available for others
as well, if they really want it. They just have to be willing to do the work.

Additional information about Joseph Henderson can be found at

Listen to Joseph Henderson share his story on Conversations LIVE here: and here:

(Tues. June 18, 2013) Cyrus Webb to be a guest on "This Is How We Roll" with host Jaimie Hope

(Tuesday, June 18, 2013) Conversations LIVE host Cyrus Webb will have the tables turned on him Tues. June 18, 2013 @ 12p.m. et (11a.m. ct/9a.m. pt) when he appears as a guest on "This Is How We Roll" hosted by Jaimie Hope.
You can listen to the show live or via the podcast afterwards at the link below:
Shining the Spotlight on Cyrus Webb 06/18 by This Is How We Roll | Blog Talk Radio

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Wonder Mike of Sugar Hill Gang on Conversations LIVE

On Saturday, June 8th Conversations LIVE host Cyrus Webb began the first of a 3-part series featuring the legendary group The Sugar Hill Gang.

It was kicked off with Wonder Mike of the group. The two discussed his love of music, the group's success and influence as well as the powerful documentary I WANT MY NAME back.

Wonder Mike of Sugar Hill Gang on Conversations LIVE 06/08 by Cyrus Webb Presents | Blog Talk Radio

Friday, June 7, 2013

Janky John: Building a Brand and a Community, One Order at a Time

by Cyrus Webb

Clarksdale, MS native John Smith, Jr known to many as  Janky John is not just operating a business in Jackson, MS. The Wing Station (5038 Parkway Drive * Jackson, MS 39211) is the realization of not just a dream for himself but an example of what is possible. Offering over 20 signature flavors, it has become a place that offers great food, reliable service and a love for the community.

The 34 year old started The Wing Station in 2008 while living in Miami, and when he came back to Mississippi in 2011 he knew it was a business he wanted to continue. The result has been amazing, bringing in not just a diverse clientele but opportunities for the community as well. John also serves as  VP of the Gamma Pi Alumni Assoc. Of Kappa Alpha Psi and has been a sponsor of a youth basketball and football teams in the metro area donating jerseys and meal sponsorships. John has also began the process of empowering other young males with the knowledge of  entrepreneurship an opportunity to franchise The Wing Station and make them apart of the American Dream.

John told me that he sees the success of The Wing Station as a result of his hard work and dedication to the business paying off. "It makes me feel good to see the same customers coming in," he says. "They enjoy their experience with us and tell others about us as well." To show its appreciation  for its customers, The Wing Station runs a lunch special weekdays from 11-2p.m. that includes 6 wings and fries for only $5.00 (add a drink for $1 more). This way it is able to provide something for every one's budget.

Outside of running a business full-time Janky John is hoping to add another title to his name later this year, that of author. He is currently writing a book called A.S.U based on his experiences at Alcorn State University. "In 2000 I had been out of college about a year and began to reflect on my college years," he says. "I realized that what I had learned there was also helping me in building my business savvy aka my hustle. College taught me how to adapt to different perspectives and individuals as well as develop my customer service skills." It is his hope to release the book at the beginning of football season.

Janky John's advice for anyone with a dream? "Make a commitment to invest in yourself. Do what you love, follow your passion and you can't help but succeed."

Stay in touch with The Wing Station at as well as through social media on Facebook at and on Twitter at You can also call 1-888-769-WING (9464).

Cyrus Webb Presents... "25 Books Every Man Should Read"

Conversations Book Club is excited to announce its first-ever reading list designed specifically for me.

When book club founder Cyrus Webb began the reading group in November 2006 it was out of necessity. "There weren't any reading groups that were around that had men attend meetings on a regular basis," he says. "I knew from my own personal experience that men read. There just had to be platforms available that welcomed them."

Since then the co-ed reading group Conversations Book Club has hosted events where men and women can come together to read, discuss and enjoy books. With so many problems facing the world, however, Webb decided it was time to do something just for the guys: compiling a list of non-fiction titles that he had read and learned from, knowing that others could as well.

"It is my hope that men and even the women in their lives can read these books and allow the messages to help them as they are going through their own challenges," explains Webb.

Here is Cyrus Webb's 25 Books Every Man Should Read list for 2013:

  1. "The Available Parent" by Dr. John Duffy (Viva Editions)
  2. "This Is How" by Augusten Burroughs (St. Martins Press)
  3. "A Dark Journey to a  Light Future" by Tommie Mabry (West Bow Press)
  4. "DOC" by Dwight Gooden (Amazon Publishing)
  5. "Rocky Spirit" by Felice Cantatore (iUniverse)
  6. "Everyday Meditation" by Tobin Blake (New World Library)
  7. "24/6" by Matthew Sleeth, MD (Tyndale)
  8. "Break Your Addiction to Conflict" by Nathan J. Snow (Snowday Press)
  9. "Get Your Shift Together" by Steve Rizzo (McGraw Hill)
  10. "Letters to Ethan" by Tom McQueen (Seraphina Press)
  11. "Find the Upside of the Down Times" by Dr. Rob Pennington (Resource International)
  12. "Letters to My Unborn Children" by Shawn T. Collins (Quill House Press)
  13. "The Dad Connection" by Scott Hanley (publisher unknown)
  14. "Identity" by Stedman Graham (FT Press)
  15. "Know Yourself, Forget Yourself" by Marc Lesser (New World Library)
  16. "Side-Yard Superhero" by Rick D. Niece (Five Star Publications)
  17. "Get Off Your Attitude" by Ryan C. Lowe (Sound Wisdom)
  18. "Live to Give" by Austin Gutwein (Thomas Nelson)
  19. "Hillbilly Heart" by Billy Ray Cyrus (Amazon Publishing)
  20. "Things My Daughters Need to Know" by Rodney L. Demery (Rootsky Books)
  21. "7 Secrets of a Phenomenal L.I.F.E." by Howard Partridge (Sound Wisdom)
  22. "G-Man: The Education of a Criminal" by Gregory Marshall (Marshall Publishing Group)
  23. "By Faith, Not By Sight" by Scott MacIntyre (Thomas Nelson)
  24. "Game Plan" by Alan P. Lyme, David J. Powell and Stephen R. Andrew (Central Recovery Press)
  25. "It's Your Life: Live Big" by Josh Hinds (Sound Wisdom)
For more information on books suggested by Conversations Book Club visit