Monday, April 4, 2016

How Mississippi’s Cyrus Webb became one of Amazon’s Top Influencers

It all began in 2010 when Brandon, Mississippi resident Cyrus Webb decided to start sharing his thoughts about books and music he was enjoying, and took to to post them. “You always read about the negative stuff and what people don’t like,” he says. “I wanted to let people know things that I was enjoying and hopefully introduce others to them as well.”

Fast forward almost 6 years later and Webb,now 40, is one of’s top reviewers with over 3400 reviews posted and over 6,700 helpful votes on those reviews. “I had no idea this would happen when I started,” he says. “My goal was just to introduce some great books and music to others. It has definitely grown since then.”

Today Webb reviews more than just books and music. As a member of top 500 club (he is #374 out of the site’s top 10,000 reviewers), every week he receives jewelry, clothes, electronics, toys, household items and more. “I literally get over 100 offers a week to review products,” Webb says. He takes out time each day to go through the emails, see what products he is actually interested in reviewing then replies back to the company. “It’s fun for me to learn about new products, sometimes before they are even available to the public, but it’s also a great responsibility.”

Most companies like reviews posted within two weeks of receiving the products. The majority of the reviews that Webb does are not just words but includes pictures as well. “This allows the public to see how the product operates,” says Webb. Once reviews are posted, Webb then promotes them through his social media links (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+). The public can then answer Yes or No whether the review was helpful. The more helpful votes a review gets the more it improves that reviewer’s ranking.

Webb says he is able to make the reviewing of products a family affair, sharing what he gets with those close to him---including his friends. “You can only use one selfie stick at a time,” he says. “I have probably reviewed over a dozen. When I’m finished reviewing a product and it’s something I have already, I gladly pass it along.” His mother Zattie Webb Sims loves the process, and has gotten shout-outs from companies including Suzanne Somers for wearing her 3 Way Poncho that Webb was sent to review. His mother also becomes the recipient of a lot of the jewelry he receives. “She loves getting new things, and I’m able to share her thoughts in my review,” Webb says.

When asked for tips as to how others can improve their ranking on Amazon, Webb offers these three tips:
1. Post reviews often. Being regular will help you build your audience.
2. Include pictures or videos to personalize your review and make it more you.
3. Share your reviews on social media, even tagging the companies so that they are aware of your review.

Visit Cyrus Webb’s Amazon profile to see his reviews at His official website is