Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Cyrus Webb Announces New Book, WORDS THEY CHOOSE TO LIVE BY for Pre-order

Hello to all of you who have subscribed to my newsletter. This email is to not just tell you how much I have appreciated your support but to give you an EXCLUSIVE OFFER in my new project.

What do actress Chandra Currelley, bestselling author Jackie Collins, actors Isaiah Washington, Philip K. Boyd, Kim Coates and Jamie Kennedy as well as comedian Cocoa Brown and media personality Leeza Gibbons all have in common? They all made a choice to live life on purpose.

 In my first inspirational book WORDS I CHOOSE TO LIVE BY I shared with you my own daily mantras that have helped to keep me focused and grounded as I strive to walk in my purpose. Now I am excited to share with you that in my new book WORDS THEY CHOOSE TO LIVE BY I'm sharing over 30 profiles of individuals I have met who have not just embraced the power of words but used them to find success in their fields. Award-winning authors, filmmakers, actors, producers, comedians, recording artists and entrepreneurs reveal how they have stayed the course in the face of challenges---and how you can do the same.

WORDS THEY CHOSE TO LIVE BY (featuring myself and actress/recording artist Chandra Currelley on the cover) published through Conversations Media Group will be available Tues. March 30th, HOWEVER, as supporters of mine you can now reserve your AUTOGRAPHED copy and get early through

The book retails for $15.00, however, through this special I am running through Friday, April 14th you can get the book for $15.00, SHIPPING INCLUDED!
All you have to do is click here and LET ME KNOW IN THE COMMENT SECTION who to make the book out to! All autographed copies order BY FRIDAY, APRIL 14TH will mailed out on Tues. May 2nd.
Click here to order your autographed copy of WORDS THEY CHOOSE TO LIVE BY:
Need to purchase more than one copy? Email me at with your request, and I will have a special Paypal invoice created for your order.

Thanks again for your support. Excited about this new chapter of our journey.