Sunday, May 13, 2012

Introducing My Team Monitoring: Employee Monitoring Software

For some people they do their best work when they are left alone to do their jobs without much supervisions. Others need something more, and having someone looking over their shoulders is the only way they are to be trusted to do what they were hired to do. The sad truth is that some businesses however have found that their employees are lax on the job or not following through as they should. Still others might have concerns about theft and inappropriate activities while the employee is on duty. It is because of this that My Team Monitor is such an asset.

What is My Team Monitor? It is a Employee Monitoring Software that allows for employers to see what is going on while they are not there. It is easy to set up, and affordable for any business, and allows for the peace of mind that many want when they can't be physically in the workplace.

Some might see Employee Monitoring Software as intrusive, but think of this: If it was your establishment, wouldn't you want to make sure that things were running as they should? That is also what employees should be considering whether there is employee monitoring software or not.

In short My Team Monitor is definitely worth a look. The website has great demonstrations that anyone can view, as well as provides more details about the Employee Monitoring Software service and who it might best benefit.

To all those employees out there, this should be a great reminder that just when you think no one is watching, that is when you really need to make sure you are giving your very best.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Brotha Magazine Prepares To Recognize 2012's 40 Under 40

Brotha Magazine Prepares To Recognize 2012's 40 Under 40

As part of its continuing effort to recognize those who are not only giving back as part of their Christian responsibilities but in the community as well, Nebo Publishing and Brotha Magazine are pleased to announce the formation of its 'Brothahood of 40'. This will be a yearly celebration of 40 brothas under the age of 40 that are raising the bar by their example.
"This is not a competition," says Charles Clark, President and Founder of Brotha Magazine. "I see it as a way for our readers to celebrate those brothas whose hard work and dedication may have seemingly gone unnoticed. This is a way for us to shine a spotlight on those who in their professional and Christian lives are reaching for a higher standard."
The nominating process is simple. An email should be sent to with the name, age, city/state and head shot of the person being considered. The email should also include a paragraph which shares how the nominee is meeting the following criteria: their vision and leadership; innovation and achievement; community impact; growth/development strategy as well as faith based involvement.
The deadline for the nominating process is June 1, 2012, which this year's honorees being announced in the October/November issue of Brotha Magazine. For more information email