Monday, July 7, 2008

“Take Ten” with author P. Elaine Archie

Already compared with some of the most erotic authors on the literary landscape right now, P. Elaine Archie is still humbled by the success she has encountered and the way she---like her characters---are beginning to be welcomed into the homes and bedrooms of readers all over the country. After a book deal didn't come her way, she struck out on her own to introduce the world to her talent as well as the woman we come to know as Nina.
Now in 2008, we are finding out more about both.
This is our conversation.

How would you describe the woman who is P. Elaine Archie?
Well, I am a very honest and hardworking person. I am very outspoken, caring, witty, and ambitious. I love my family and I try to make things happen to inspire my children to strive for their goals. It's never too late.

It's not easy to put yourself out there like you have. What made you decide on your particular writing style?
I would consider it to be racy! Actually, I did not have a certain style at first. I had just completed my Bachelors degree and I was zoned into writing two or three papers a week for class. That left me with a great deal of time on my hands, so I thought of my past relationships and the trials and tribulations I had with those. I thought of what I wished had been the outcome for some of those relationships. I thought of my conversations with my girls, and the issues they were trying to address in their relationships. I made up characters, added some spicy sexual encounters and it built from there.

Before you started writing what became THE WEEKEND, was there any indication to you or your friends and family that you had a book inside of you?
No I was just a working mom and grandmother. I went back to school for my Bachelors degree and I found a love for writing.

Your main character, Nina, is a woman that many can relate to because of the issues she is dealing with. How much of her is you or someone you know?
Well, they say you write what you know, unless you spend a lot of time researching a subject! (LOL) I would say she is about fifty percent me, maybe a tad bit more. I have experienced some of the issues Nina is going through. But writing this gives me and Nina hope that our Prince Charming, or should I say our tall dark and handsome partner, is still out there!

After you completed the manuscript did you initially decide to self-publish or was that something that came later?
No, I set my sights on getting a book deal. But reality set in and I realized it was not that simple. All the information I was receiving was for self publishing. So I took that route. I am still hoping to get picked up eventually in the traditional process.

There are books released every week with some publishers putting big promotions behind them. As the author and the publicist of your project, did you find it difficult going from one position to the other?
No. All this is still new to me. I have a great support team at Authorhouse. They are helping me through marketing and publicity process. As I stated earlier, with The Weekend I did not do much marketing, but with Gettin' Caught Up Wit' Nina, I am ready to get out there and see where this will lead me. It is still an ongoing learning process for me.

When THE WEEKEND was released, were you surprised at the response?
Well, I did not get a lot of response from the book. All my coworkers and friends purchased a copy. But it fizzled out quickly, since I had no idea how to market it or myself. But I have learned more since it came out, so I expect big things from myself and this new novel.

GETTIN' CAUGHT UP WIT' NINA is the sequel to your story with Nina and her beau Omar. Both of them had relationship issues in the past and we saw them begin to overcome that. What can we expect in the new book?
Wow! Well, you all can find the continuation of their romance. They are discovering more about each other. They are traveling down their road to see where it leads them. They are both being stalked and they have to figure out what is going on with that! Nina is torn between her developing feelings for Omar, her ex still pressuring her, and an island rendezvous. She also has some office drama, and even connects back up with her siblings. I am sure the readers will enjoy that along with all the steamy sexual encounters!

P. Elaine, people have various definitions of success. What is considered success for you with your writing career
For me, becoming a well known author will definitely be an accomplishment. Writing more stories that sell well, would also mean success. I am presently working on a story that I hope to sell to Lifetime or some other television entity upon completion. It focuses on rape and molestation. Not as racy as my two books out now. But it is an ongoing issue around the world. And it has touched people that I know. So I want to write a story about that.

The sky is the limit for me. Again, I want to show my children that any dream you have can come true if you apply yourself.

Thank you for the conversation. If our readers want to find out more about you or are interested in purchasing a book, how can they do so?
Thank you again Cyrus for this great opportunity. If your readers would like to purchase both my books, they can access Also both books are available at and If they would like to drop me a note, they can do so at or


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