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TAKE TEN with author Monica Marie Jones

Driven and determined, author Monica Marie Jones has given readers exactly what they would want in a page-turner: a relatable storyline, relatable characters and discussion points that will bring both sexes together for an honest assessment of who they are and what they want. Moderated by Conversations Book Club founder Cyrus A. Webb, the author shared what have been her ingredients for success. Here is their conversation.

· Monica, thanks for taking out a few moments to share your thoughts during this "Take Ten" interview. Before we get into your book FLOSS why don't you tell our readers a little about yourself.
Well first and foremost I am a word lover! So in addition to FLOSS I have also written and published an inspirational fiction novel called The Ups and Downs of Being Round and a poetry book called Taste My Soul. I was also a contributing author in New Directions for Youth Development and Chicken Soup for the Girls Soul. When I am not writing I am reading voraciously. I also absolutely love to travel and exercise. I either teach or take kickboxing classes at least five days a week! I love to dance and have been studying various forms of dance including ballet, tap, jazz and liturgical for over twenty years now!

· You recently were interviewed on our radio show and you shared with me how personal your first book, THE UPS AND DOWNS OF BEING ROUND, was to you. Did you have the intention to make your sophomore project as revealing?
Releasing a book that is close to the heart is both liberating and frightening. FLOSS was based on some things that I observed and experienced but it was nowhere near as personal as The Ups and Downs of Being Round. As I grow in my writing I hope to take my fictional books further away from my personal experiences which will force me to do my research!

· There are many who find the actual writing process to be the easiest when compared to the marketing that has to be done. What are your thoughts on the two?
Marketing in itself is a full time job! I find myself spending far more time marketing my existing books than I do writing new ones. I would love to find more of a balance. My ideal situation is to be in a position where I have a staff that can handle all of the marketing and public relations so that I can just sit back and focus on the writing part of it.

· FLOSS was the first book that I have read of yours. As a man it was great for me to read a book that took into account the feeling of both sexes. Since so many book clubs are mainly women, do you think it would be a good idea for co-ed groups to come together and discuss the issues that you address in the book?
FLOSS definitely has some great conversation starters for co-ed groups. I would encourage book groups that are comprised of all women to invite some men to read the book and join them for them for a juicy discussion! I would be glad to provide discussion questions for such an occasion.

· What has surprised you so far when it comes to how people have responded to your two books?
With the Ups and Downs of Being Round, in my mind, I was just writing a book based on my experience. I was surprised that it was totally received as inspirational fiction and I was particularly happy to see that it really spoke to a lot of young women and girls. I have been told by many that it really moved them to action when it comes to making healthy lifestyle changes.

With FLOSS, my surprise came with how well received it was by men. I always felt like I had a gift for tapping into the male psyche, but that was just my own opinion. My opinions were confirmed when I began to get feedback and reviews from men saying how much they enjoyed and related to the book.

· One of the things that struck me about you, Monica, was that you said in our radio interview that you were so into writing that you made the decision to do it full-time. Not all who write have that same passion, even though they want to be taken more seriously. What would you say to that group?
All that I have to say is that it’s possible and the fulfillment that you receive when you live your purpose and your passion is priceless. It’s not easy, but the challenge makes it that much more fun. There is no better feeling than waking up in the morning and knowing that all that you have to do is what you love to do. If you believe in yourself and work as hard for yourself as you work for others (i.e. your boss or the company that you work for) you will reap the benefits…AND others will believe in you too.

· With any career, there are goals in mind. When others look back at your writing career, what do you hope they say about you?
I hope that others look back at me and say that they were encouraged, inspired, educated, motivated and entertained. Not only by my writing, but also by my motivational speaking and by my being a living example of what it means to truly live in your purpose by pursuing your passion.

· I know you are busy promoting both books at this time, but can you tell our readers what is in store for you in the New Year?
There are SEVERAL things in store for the New Year. I plan to continue to tour to promote my existing books. I am currently working on four more novels and another poetry book and I hope to release at least two of them in the New Year. I am going to take some classes to learn how to write screen plays. I am also working on developing a talk show (TV) and a radio show.

· Thank you for your time, Monica. If our readers would like to find out more information about you where would you suggest they go online to do so?
For more information readers can visit my website at, my MySpace pages at or, I am also on Facebook, Tagged, and Twitter, all under the same name, Monica Marie Jones, and finally I can be reached via email at

When in doubt, just type Monica Marie Jones into the Google search bar and you will find me.

· Finally, what would you like to say to your fans and those who will read your books after this interview?
Thank you for supporting my dream. I used to write in my journal but then I felt led to share my experiences and thoughts with the hopes that my words might encourage, educate, inspire, motivate and entertain others. It is my hope that my book left you with one, if not all of those things. I appreciate you.

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