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TAKE TEN: Author Patricia A. Thomas

If you haven't heard of Author and Minister Patricia A. Thomas before, after this interview you won't be able to forget her. The native of Arcadia, Louisiana now resides in Columbus, Ohio but has penned a book that will have people talking all around the world. GOD REVEALS A MYSTERY is more than likely one of the most intriguing books that Conversations has read thus far. Addressing issues that involve science, religion and faith, the book will cause you to examine what it says closely and measure it against what you already believe.

(NOTE: Author Patricia A. Thomas discussed her book on Conversations LIVE! Radio recently with host Cyrus Webb. Listen to it here,

In this exclusive interview, Thomas talks about what her intentions are with the book and how she hopes to get people talking and reading for themselves before they make a decision. Here is our conversation.

Patricia, thanks for taking the time to talk with us about your new book GOD REVEALS A MYSTERY. Before we get into what the book is about, tell our listeners a little about yourself.
Cyrus, I first want to thank you for this great opportunity to share the love of God, through Jesus Christ, and the truth that is in my book. I was born in Shreveport, Louisiana weighing in at exactly 10 pounds (thank you God for giving my dear mother the strength to deliver me with NO medication). I was raised primarily in a small rural town called Arcadia. I was very active at my high school with playing basketball, being a cheerleader, being on the drill team, and participating in other school activities to keep me busy.

After graduating from my high school, I was accepted to attend The Ohio State University in Columbus,Ohio, where I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree in English. I am also a Licensed Missionary Evangelist who has been blessed by God to do Radio Ministry, in the past, for a few years, and I have been able to deliver messages of love and conviction from God to youth, adults, and to those who are incarcerated.

One thing that is clear from the book is your love of scripture. Is that something that has always been the case?
Yes, I have always loved the holy scriptures. But like many young people, I didn't read and study the entire Holy Bible until I became an adult. I began to seriously study and read the Holy Bible, by the guidance of the Holy Spirit, around the age of 30 and I have read the entire Bible and I continue to read and study, which is God's will for every Christian.

I'm curious as to how your faith has guided you in making decisions in your life, and why you think you have followed your faith with so many have not.
With the ministry that I have been chosen to do, along with my unique book, God has allowed me to experience things to prepare me to build up my faith walk, which is necessary. With that being said, since God has given me a lot (compared to others) He expects a lot from me. With me being a visionary, God has guided me to do His will and with me being imperfect, I sometimes fail God. However, God is faithful and
He has remained with me as a true spiritual Father would do. I am honored and humbled of God's faithfulness to continue to guide and lead me in my imperfect life.

Can you tell us when you first got the idea to write the book?
God first opened my spiritual eyes to the truth and spoke this revelation knowledge to me, concerning the demise of the “dinosaur”, in 1997 and from that I wrote a poem, with the foundation being that the name “dinosaur” was coined or made-up in 1842 and the real animal's name is serpent or dragon (both names mean the same thing in Greek) and that they still exist- in its cursed form according to Genesis 3:14. It only took me a few months to write the manuscript and in 2006, God gave me scientific information to write in my book to prove that my theory would eventually become a fact, at the appointed time, unlike other theories that will never be proven. That year, in 2006, my book was published.

There are some who will say, Patricia, is that you using scriptures to justify your own thoughts about science. How would you respond to that?
My response would be that not only do I know the God-given truth, but others do too. There are people who know this truth concerning the demise of the “dinosaurs”, who don't have my book and the truth is growing. But, I am the only person to have the scientific or concrete information in my copyrighted book to prove that the DNA in the spine of the cursed serpent (commonly called a snake) will match
the fossil of the serpent or dragon that have been found in many places on the earth. This DNA testing has never been done before in the world and it will prove that they are synonymous. One truth can silence many lies. Therefore, I must stay in my lane and finish my God-ordained race and not worry about what some people will say about my book or me. God has a great plan to unveil and I am excited about the outcome! God will always win!

Do you think that it is possible for faith and science to co-exist when it comes to the universe and what the earth was like many years ago?
Absolutely! Science is defined, by some, as the process or technique of how things are done. God created everything and He has recorded the beginning of things in the book of Genesis and He continues to show us His power daily with things that are evident, such as the earth being suspended on nothing without falling or the WIND- we can physically feel it; but, we can't physically see the wind. Only God has the scientific knowledge and wisdom to explain His creations and my faith believes in Him and not in the Evolution Theory, which are a set of assumptions that have NOT been proven, but this guess can be taught to our youth in public schools, who are our most vulnerable.

Can you tell us about the response you have gotten so far to the book?
So far, the majority of the responses have been good, God has opened the spiritual eyes of some people to see the truth. Some have told me that it is so obvious and wondered why they couldn't see it before until they read my book, God Reveals a Mystery! As my book continues to grow, it will be controversial to some people. I will accept the cheering and jeering to do God's will, because many other faithful servants before me have too, including Jesus Christ. I will not be afraid in what I know God will do.

With it being such a hot button topic, do you plan on holding events around the book to discuss it?
Definitely, I know that my unique book will continue to grow and the doors that God will open for me, no man can shut. I will continue to tell others the absolute truth, with using tolerance and love.

What advice would you give individuals who feel they have been given a story to tell but haven't taken the steps to share it?
My simple advice that I would give, as I have given to others is: “If you put forth the effort, you will see the results.” Also, please stay focused and do research before pursuing your goals, because knowledge applied is power, it means nothing if you don't use it.

Thank you for your time, Patricia. How can our readers find out more about you, your book and what is next for you?
Again, Cyrus thank you for this great opportunity to share the love of God, through Jesus Christ, and the truth that is in my book. Please know that my book is available on the world-wide web at thousands of websites, including my preferred site, Barnes and Noble. Anyone can find out some information about me,
my book, and my upcoming events at: or

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