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TAKE TEN: Author T. C. Alexander

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There are many authors who are trying to make their mark and let readers know they are on the scene, but one of the authors that got the attention of Conversations in 2009 was T. C. Alexander. The 36 year old Dade City, FL native got involved with words at a young age, and that love has now grown into her releasing the novel CONSEQUENCES OF ADULTERY. Cyrus Webb of Conversations talked with her about her beginnings, how she transitions between writing and marketing herself, and what she would tell aspiring writers about the lessons she has learned.

Here is their conversation...

T. C., thank you for taking out time out of your schedule to talk with Conversations. We have a lot to cover, but I want to start by asking when did you realize that you loved to read?
Thank you, Cyrus, for letting me share my story. To answer your question, though, I fell in love with words when I was a very small child.

What did books do for you, and what keeps you reading today?
Well, I love words and I love imagination. I love to imagine being in that particular scene, situation or just being that particular character

Writing is something that many authors pick up on at an early age. Is that true of you as well?
Very true. I wrote this book at 35 and my 12th grade English teacher told me to pursue a writing career in high school and she was also an accomplished author.

Your first book is called CONSEQUENCES OF ADULTERY. Tell us about it.
In life we must all come to the realization that to every action there's an equal and opposite reaction and we shape our lives based on our decision and if you make good decisions then good things will arise. If we make not so good decisions then we have to deal with that. We have to deal with the consequences, and in this situation, in the book this wonderful man; husband, father and hard worker made a poor decision, but it was based on his wife's bitterness from past indiscretions and not being the wife that he deserved and him just crying out for help. This book will hit every end of the spectrum in dealing with adulterous relationships, friendships and how divorce effects the children.

Although, the title makes the book seem a bit more religious than it is, I also included some spiritual knowledge in it as well with a bit of a twist at the end.

Readers will wonder how much of yourself is in the book. What would you say about that?
Wow!! Probably 50%. I have had similar situations in my life in dealing with marriage, kids and friendship. Although, some of the situations, I would have handled a lot differently.

What do you hope that people get from the book?
I really hope that the women whom are married will come to the realization that when a man goes out and cheats it's not always just his fault and a lot of times we wives do play a role in that, whether that means not being submissive sexually and meeting his needs or not supporting him emotionally, psychologically, financially and physically.

Writing a book is one thing. Promoting it is another. Have you been surprised at the amount of work that goes into letting people know about your book?
Very. I am still astounded. I thought that once I finished the book and got it published everything would be golden from there. Well, I got a wake up call. As far as selling it locally hand-to-hand or word of mouth I did wonderful, but when it comes to actually marketing it for the world to see, that's another story. It's almost like, where do you start, because books are not like CD's or other forms of entertainment, you have to target a specific audience that enjoys fictional reading and mine has such a unique genre.

What has been the biggest reward for you as an author?
Accomplishment. That is the biggest reward. I feel that if I can write and publish a book and actually sell it, I can do anything.

Aspiring writers will look to you as an example of what they can do. What advice would you give those who feel like they have a book inside of them?
First of all, you need to decide what type of writer you are going to be and if writing is your niche. When people read my book, they always ask, how do you know that. Well, it's all about imagination and creativity if you're aspiring to be a fictional writer. I have both inside me; fictional and non-fictional because the book that I am currently writing is a self-improvement book from within and you have to also consider what type of book it will be, meaning how will you write it, in storybook type format or character type expression format.

How can readers find out more about you online?
I am on Twitter ( and my email is I also have a website at

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