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TAKE TEN: Author Paulette Harper

At a time when all of us are dealing with challenges and trying to make sense of what is going on in the world. author Paulette Harper is helping readers to deal with today's trials through words. A native of PIttsburg, CA, Harper believes her faith and personal relationship with God are more responsible for her career as a writer than she is, but she is aware of the difference her words are making with others.

During her conversation with Cyrus Webb of Conversations Magazine and host of Conversations LIVE! Radio, Paulette talks about how her literary journey began, the book THAT WAS THEN, THIS IS NOW, the role of faith in her life and gives you an idea of what is next for her in the near future.

(Listen to author Paulette Harper's interview on Conversations LIVE! Radio here:

Paulette, thank you for join us for Authors Take Ten. Let's start in the beginning. For those who might have missed your radio interview on Conversations LIVE! Radio, tell our readers a little about yourself?

Thanks Cy for the opportunity to connect with more readers. I am an Inspirational and motivational speaker, freelance writer, literary coach and minister. I'm the author of two books That Was Then, This Is Now and Co-author of Victorious Living for Women. I write Christian non-fiction inspirational. I am the youngest of 8 and currently reside in Northern California.

You have found success as an author, but your faith plays a big part in what you write. Tell us when you realized you were in love with words?

Yes, my faith does play a major role in my writing. My writing career began in Jan 2007. With a desire to write about my own personal experiences I found that writing was a type of therapy for me. Realizing that my first book was making an impact on the lives of people spiritually I continued pursuing writing as a means to empower, inspire and encourage readers.

Would it surprised those who grew up with you, Paulette, that you are now writing?

Yes. People that I grew up with are pleasantly surprised and proud. This includes my family and friends. To have someone write a book and have it published is one of the greatest accomplishments one can achieve. People look at me differently like I'm some type of celebrity.

The book I read and enjoyed of yours is THAT WAS THEN, THIS IS NOW. Tell us what inspired it.

I believe it was a decision that God made for me. Actually becoming an author was far from what I anticipated for my life. I didn't wake up one day saying I'm going to be author nor did I grow up with the desire to write. It was through my personal experiences in life, which drew me into this profession. While writing my first book That Was Then, This Is Now, I begin to see how God healed and restored my life and what He did for me I felt I needed to share with people. It was at that moment that I realized that God wanted my writing to be used as a ministry. The books that I write are focused on inspiration and encouragement. These books can be used as pathways and guides for the readers to grow spiritually.

Have you been surprised that something as personal as what you have written is being enjoyed by people around the world?

No. With technology and how publishing is done today, reaching readers across the world has become quite easy.  Tate Publishing has made That Was Then, This Is Now easier for people to get a copy either by digital download, CD and  e-book. It encourages me when I hear from readers in other states that they are enjoying and benefiting from my ministry.

Talk to us for a moment about faith. Where does yours come from and how do you deal with the test and trials that we all go through.

I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ which allows me to deal with test and trials in a different manner. My faith has carried me through all of my life's challenges. I have learned over the course of my life that Christ is the only person who will be with me through all the ups and downs of life. My faith in Christ brings my life into purpose and fulfillment. Considering the times in which we live today, I don't understand how anyone could live apart from have a personal relationship with Christ.

Paulette there is quite a bit of competition in the world of books, Paulette. What do you think separates you from other inspirational authors.

I'll share with you a review from a reader: "To her credit, what separates Harper's tome from many other inspirational titles is her sound reliance on biblical scripture. Instead of depending on cliched platitudes and generalized, one-size-fits-all aphorisms, Harper provides the reader with detailed analysis and explanation of numerous biblical passages, shedding much needed light on their significance in our everyday lives, and ultimately revealing the true purposes of the trials and tribulations that distract us along the road to spiritual victory (Reviewed By Cary Merriman: Official Apex Reviews)."  

Aside from writing your own books, you have also participated in anthologies as well. Tell us about the latest project you were involved in.

Victorious Living for Women is filled with the inspiration, wisdom and pathways to victory of 40 incredible women who share stories of their life experiences, from their heart to yours. They have endured personal pain and have come through empowered, encouraged and victorious. As they take you on their personal journeys you will find inspiration, encouragement and blueprints for victory embedded in each chapter. You will discover principles for transforming your life. You can learn how to overcome fear, find you purpose, define your destiny, recover from divorce, heal your heart, physical healing, dealing with the loss of loved ones and so much more. This stellar assembly of women with inspiring true-life stories will captivate you throughout each page as you read how their lives were transformed from anger to joy, disappointment to destiny and trial to victory. Their candor, wisdom and inspiration can help you to pursue your path of becoming a victorious woman. Victorious Living was released on Nov 4, 2010.

We are living in a time when people are hurting physically, mentally and spiritually. What advice do you give that would give some of them hope?

My book clearly lays out the practical applications of scriptures that will deliver anyone from what ever dilemma they are facing be it divorce, distrust, suicide, physical and or mental issues. We may live in uncertain times but we serve a God who we can depend on, trust and rely on in times like these. When everything else is uncertain and chaos is all around us God remains true to His Word which tell us that He is the rock of our salvation  in which our foundation must be built on.

Thanks again for talking with us, Paulette. Where would you suggest our readers go for more information about you and your upcoming projects?

You are so welcome. People can reach me at the following places: and


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