Friday, July 31, 2015

Interviews with the cast of BLACK COFFEE

Media personality Cyrus Webb's interviews with cast members Darrin Dewitt Henson, Erica Hubbard and Gabrielle Dennis.

In BLACK COFFEE Henson plays Robert, a man who picked the wrong time to meet his soul mate! After being fired from his own father’s company, he feels like his luck has run out – until Morgan (played Dennis) enters into his life. Just as things start to heat up between them, trouble brews as Morgan’s ex-husband played by Lamman Rucker) vows to get her back and Robert’s gold-digging ex-girlfriend (played by Hubbard) returns with an agenda of her own.

Links to interviews are below:

1 on 1 with actress Gabrielle Dennis:

1 on 1 with actor Darrin Dewitt Henson:

1 on 1 with actress Erica Hubbard:

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