Sunday, October 12, 2014

Author and Speaker Michael Russer Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Share Intimacy Tips for Men

Intimacy author and speaker Michael J. Russer (@heartopenlife) launched a Kickstarter campaign ( this month to fund a book about genuine intimacy geared toward millennial men. The book is titled: Extraordinary Intimacy for Men – A Practical Guide to Help Men Become What Women Love. This book shows men how to be clear about whom they want in a female partner and turn powerful sexual impulses into respectful and fulfilling long-term relationships.

“Most people equate intimacy with sex and they are often two very different things.” explains Russer. “How men and women are biologically and culturally ‘wired’, primarily for procreation, gets in the way of what their hearts truly yearn for –deep connection.” says Russer. He is a fully impotent prostate cancer survivor who has discovered how couples can “rewire” to experience very high levels of emotional and physical intimacy. These insights are a result of his impotence “short-circuiting” his own male urges in a way that has led to levels of emotional and physical connection with his female partner that vastly exceeded what either thought was humanly possible.

“Men crave intimacy and connection as much as women.” Mr. Russer says. “It’s just that they have never been taught how to achieve this with a woman in a way that is fulfilling and satisfying for both. Every guy knows what sex is and how to do it. Very few really understand what it means to establish true intimacy / connection with women and many are tired of the emptiness and risk associated with the casual hookup culture so prevalent today.”

Supporters of the campaign will receive a copy of the book and the Dream Woman Project which is a way Russer teaches men to become very clear on whom they want for a long-term mate. He developed this tool for his own use to help find his life mate who is exactly what he was looking for in a woman.

In addition to being an international speaker, coach and author helping men and women achieve extraordinary intimacy, he is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post and the GoodMenProject. He is also a featured speaker for TEDx University of Nevada and has another book about intimacy for the general public (called “Hardly Broken”) due out in early 2015.

For more information about the work Michael is doing or the campaign call 805-280-8217 or send email to Find out more information about his Kickstarter project at

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