Monday, November 10, 2014

Ex-Federal and State Inmate Yvette W. Jones Gets Her Second Wind

When Yvette W. Jones heard her name called over the loud speakers, she began to take her last walk across the yard at Fluvanna Correctional Facility in Troy, Virginia on August 9, 2002.  Dressed in burgundies with memoirs of what was home, she carried her faith and hope for better days to come.  It was a beautiful day and the smell of a freshly manicured yard greeted her every step.  As she took one last look back, she sighed with tears because it was there where the journey of freedom began.

Growing up in a small town in Virginia, Jones was dealt a losing hand at birth.  She was born with Blount’s disease, a rare bone deformity of the lower extremities and struggled with a gaited walk that is still present today.  With the weight of braces on her legs, childhood obesity, and absence of her biological father, Jones played her hand of hope with determination to win.  As a result, the amenities of life have favored her pathway to freedom.
Yvette W. Jones was cut from the cloth of wisdom and knowledge.  The threads of education were sown into Jones at an early age.  As pillars of higher learning, her mother and grandmother were educators in the community for over 40 years.  After high school, Jones continued her education at a small private college in Virginia.  It was during her sophomore year that she decided to explore the wiles of the
world.  As a result, Yvette W. Jones discovered herself in the wilderness for five long years.

Life experiences have become the foundation for Jones’ “second wind.”  In 2004, she received an associate degree in Administration of Criminal Justice.  The same year, her father (stepfather) was killed in a car accident.  In 2007, her mother was diagnosed and lost her battle to leukemia.  In 2012, she received her bachelor’s degree in Psychology/Christian Counseling from Liberty University.  In October 2014, Jones completed her Master of Arts in Human Services Counseling specializing in Marriage and Family Counseling from Liberty University.    

Today, Yvette W. Jones is a Christian counselor and founder of Freedom Chain Ministries.  She is also the Executive Producer/Host of The Yvette W. Jones Show and founder of My Career Path, Inc.  She is married to Wayne Jones, a Christian Life Coach, who has greatly influenced her spiritual growth.  She is also an active member of the American Association of Christian Counselors.  As part of her mission, Jones offers her platform to support others to get their “second wind”.    

Yvette W. Jones is committed to empowering others find the right path to success.  She provides career counseling and helps prospective students find schools and programs of interest.  Since 2010, Jones has helped thousands of prospective students find the right path for their academic growth.  Additionally, she works with at-risk youth to create an environment that encourages learning and social growth through character building and high expectations.  Jones also offers her counseling ministry to support ex-offenders, at-risk youth, and their families to break barriers with resilience.  In addition, Jones shares her weekly radio show to help her listening audience find a solution-focused approach to real challenges in a real world.  

Jones contributes her achievements to her faith and several other key factors.  In spite of her challenges, she has learned how to turn her wild card into a winning hand.  As a result, she discovered her partner had already won the battle.  All she had to do was accept the reward of Grace.  She contributes her success to the biblical teachings of Dr. Creflo Dollar and her husband, Wayne Jones.  In addition, she thanks God for her sister, who has encouraged her to spread her wings and soar beyond her limitations.  Jones also credits her stepfather for nurturing her with
sacrificial love that endures forever.  In spite of her physical challenges, Yvette W. Jones is a champion for Christ and delights in helping others break barriers to freedom.

Yvette W. Jones will release her first book entitled, My Second Wind on January 6, 2015.  This a true story about an ex-federal and state inmate who discovers the TRUTH that breaks the chain of bondage.  My Second Wind shares the access code to freedom and how a prisoner of darkness becomes a slave to righteousness. Learn how Yvette W. Jones unlocks the door of freedom in an imperfect world and gets her “second wind”.  Pre-order today,

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