Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Cyrus Webb Introduces Mississippi Reads

Conversations Book Club President Cyrus Webb is excited to announce the launch of "Mississippi Reads" ( "This is our way of not only celebrating Mississippi authors but events where those in Mississippi can discuss books," says Webb, 37.

Since 2006 Conversations Book Club has hosted over 100 authors events in MS, LA, TN, GA and TX---most of which have included Mississippi authors. "It's been important for me to include my home state that gave me my start," Webb says, "and I see this new site as a larger way to do that."

Through "Mississippi Reads" Webb will be spotlight the Magnolia State's literary talent and allow the site to be the place that discusses reads for each year.

The monthly Saturday meetings for "Mississippi Reads" will take place at Appetizers Restaurant (3000 Hwy 80 E) in Pearl, MS. The schedule for the year is as follows:

2013 MISSISSIPPI READS BOOK CLUB SELECTIONS (includes date of book discussion) 
(01/2013) "Last Chance Texaco" by Joe Lee (01/12/2013)
(02/2013) "A Dark Journey to a Light Future" by Tommie Mabry (02/09/2013)
(03/2013) "Married to Sin" by Darlene Collier with Meredith McGee (03/16/2013)
(04/2013) "An Unspeakable Secret" by Glenda Hunter (04/13/2013)
(05/2013) "A Crushed Rose" by Roszalia Ellen (05/11/2013)
(06/2013) "Sketchy" by Jason Lee Usry (06/15/2013)
(07/2013) "Way Beyond Pisgah" by Alean McIntyre Adams (07/13/2013)
(08/2013) "He Got That Package" by Anthony M. Ellis (08/17/2013)
(09/2013) "Rise Above: Conquering Adversities by Greg Little (09/14/2013)
(10/2013) "Hannibal" by Thomas Harris (10/12/2013)
(11/2013) "A Time To Kill" by John Grisham (11/09/2013)
(12/2013) "Borderline" by Nevada Barr (12/14/2013)

Meetings will take place at 1p.m. and will last about an hour. Each month is an opportunity to come together and discuss the book and the author and get the thoughts of those who attend each meeting. Admission is free, and in some instances the author will be in attendance.

For more information about "Mississippi Reads" contact Cyrus Webb at or 601.896.5616. You can also stay abreast of all events at

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