Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Kid Energy USA Visits Mississippi with Burnie & Earl (Day 2)

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(Wednesday, January 23, 2013) For the second day of the Kid Energy USA tour in Mississippi featuring Burnie and Earl the group spent the day in Yazoo City, hosted by Mr. Joseph Thomas, Stanley Clark of Real Deal Entertainment and the Hulk Team.

The first stop was Webster Elementary School where over 300 students gathered to hear tour coordinator Cyrus Webb talk about the importance of 811 awareness.

"This was a great experience for the citizens of Yazoo City," says Thomas. "I'm glad that we could host something like this for the kids that will stick with them."

Clark agrees. "There is nothing like kids coming together to be entertained and educated at the same time. I'm glad the Hulk Team and I could bring Burnie and Earl to the area."

After Webster Burnie and Earl were introduced to students at McCoy Elementary, receiving almost a rock star welcome. "You would have thought a pop star had entered the building," says Webb. After showing the video featuring the two characters they entered the cafeteria, sending the kids into instant applause.

"This is exactly what we were hoping would happen," says Webb. "Burnie and Earl are the perfect characters to bring the 811 message home for the kids."

The final stop of the day was Yazoo Citys Boys and Girls Club. Though some of the kids there had seen Burnie and Earl they were still interested in the story and the 811 message.  "You could hear some of them reciting the dialogue of the video along with it," says Webb. "I think that shows how much it is sticking with them."

Burnie and Earl will return to Yazoo City on Thursday as well as finish off the tour in Ridgeland, MS.

For more information visit You can contact Cyrus Webb at or 601.896.5616.

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